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Been feeling down

Hi all been feeling down the last few days, i cryed last nite for nuthing.just sitting here just and thought im gonna have a bath as it chills me out. While in the bath i decided to set a reminder on my fone to remind me to take my pill everyday. As ive said ive missed alot this mth as i was getting a fear of taking it which was the anxiety. Well im facing that fear head on and the last two days have took it. I will tek todays later on to. I am feeling down still but instead of sitting here thinking about how i feel im not going to let it bring me even more down.ive always been the person that never let anything get to me, well as me and every one that knows me thought. I know the anxiety isnt just gonna go, as it takes time. Luking back to this time last yr, it was alot worse. I was having daily panic attacks, was down and felt like it was going to b like it from then on but even thou it seems that way at the time it does get better.i still have bad days but i have had mostly gud days for a long day. I can go wks without nuthing or just bits of anxiety. Im writing this to make myself feel more postive, and writing things down helps. Thinking of all the gud wks and days ive had i know that im having a few bad days because its part of the recovery, its easy to forget on bad days how far uve come which is wat i was sitting here doing. Im going to but a note on the wall next to my bed, its going to say. Todays ur going to have a good day, because thats how u roll :-) seriously im being really postive with myself now writing on here always helps. Im gonna cook a nice roast dinner for 11, i like cooking on a sunday, and cooking for less wudnt be the same. Im gonna stop boring ya all now xxx

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Hi donaf

First you are never boring , you blog away all you want

Sorry you are feeling down today (seems to be alot of it at the moment )

But what a positive post & well done you

Understand about the fear of tablets , i am supposed to take cholesterol ones only managed 2 days & couldnt go any futhur , thought I had all the side effects ! so again well done you , you are doing great & you are great !


whywhy xxx


Thank u whywhy, it nice to b able to come on here and write how it is, it really does help. Im feeling abit better since i wrote this blog. There is alot of people on here feeling like it at the moment, and more of my closet friends feeling like it to. I put it down to the weather (we gotta blame sumthing). Xxx


I'm so sorry that you felt that way.... Try magnesium, seven sea fish oil and chamomile flowers tea (teapig) from Waitrose as they would help!! Big hugs!! Xx


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