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I am feeling very low today, I have recovered really well from the horrendous pain I was in last year. Not having my job to go back to because of dismissing me on ill health, I have got some time on my hands. I am starting to think friends don't want to talk to me which I know the answer is more because they are still busy with there own lifes but I still have that little devil on my shoulder whispering they don't like you, your not worth it. My breathing is a bit erratic today and I'm using my Asthma pump alot I haven't needed to do that before.

I just wanted to chat and let it out how I was feeling.

Thanks for listening.

Tinks x

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Hi Tinks, Im feeling bit similar today too. Its my day off, I would normally spend some time with my mum (but she is in London today), mother-in-law, (she is working today) Normally meet up with a freind for catch up & coffee in the morning, but today no-one's around! :(

Sometimes I often feel like im the only one who does make effort with friends? So now trying to keep busy, doing the cleaning etc... I Love being at home jus sometimes feel bit lonely.

Jus wanted to let you know you were not alone :)

tintin x


Hi Tinks

I no how you feel , took me years to accept people needed to "get on with their own lifes " its like for me been on the outside looking in on everyone else getting on & it can be depressing

I no its not because they dont care , but have come to realise they have to get on , its the way things are

Thats why this site is brilliant , because here people have got time for us & do understand

Try not to focus in on it , the more you do , makes you feel lower

Think this time of year as well is not the best , cold dark , Christmas over , when the lighter nights come it can lift us slightly

I always have TV ,Radio something on in the background , makes a difference , I dont like sitting in silence

You have this site & everyone on here , might not be the same I no , but it makes us see we are not alone

Keep posting on here , its good to talk , especially with people that understand as we all do

whywhy xxx


oh I so agree with whywhy, I couldn't say it better.

sending you a gentle hug {{x}}



Thank you Sandra

Hugs back :-)



Hi. Tinks. That little devil on your shoulder! I know. Little swine isn't he? But he is telling you lies, Tink. You ARE worth something, you ARE unique. There is no one in the whole universe like you and that is the truth. Why should people not like you? I don't know you but you sound alright to me by the way you express yourself. The way people write on here is an insight into who and what they are. Asthma is thought to be a nervous illness; but then you already know that, so it will be worse when you are upset. Don't put yourself down. Let others say what they like. Lack of self worth is just another symptom of this illness and passes as you get better, so go along with it at the moment. Very best wishes. jonathan.


Thankyou..... I'm just so sad..My throat hurts it feels like it has a big lump. I know everyone goes through stuff but when its happening to yourselve it seems so dragging. xxxxx


Tinks, I often get the lump in throat, I find, if i tilt my head forward gently, chin to chest, move head around slowly, it does pass. I know it feels like forever, but try and relax and maybe close your eyes for little while with soothing music, if u can spare time. xxxx


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