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Work anxiety

I like some others here am struggling to get back to work. I felt I was getting worse by staying off with nothing to do at home. However, now I am back I am struggling with anxiety at work due to feeling unable to cope with the stress. My company have rearranged my work to try to keep the pressure off me,but I am still getting anxious. Anybody with any ideas about how I can break the anxiety cycle.

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Hi. Gray. You use the word 'struggle' twice in your question and there you have the problem. Struggling is what you instinctively want to do. I suggest the opposite. Give up the struggle. Stop trying to push your feelings away. When you go to work do you go with gritted teeth, determined to 'overcome' this demon that rides on your back? If you are prepared to accept and go along with the feelings there and not fight or struggle then you will find a little relief at first. As you practice acceptance more you will get more relief. By struggling you create more Adrenaline and so more anxiety. There is no demon other than the one you create by your fear. Please don't misunderstand. I know only too well what you are going through. But only when I discovered that struggling against it was self defeating did I start to recover. You CAN recover if you give up the struggle. Give it a try. Regards. jonathan.


Thanks Jonathan. I must admit I do try to give up the struggle. How did you manage to achieve this?

I must say I do appreciate the time you put

into this website.


Hi. Gray. At the risk of someone thinking I have shares in Amazon there is a book that explains in far more detail than I can about 'how'. It is called "Essential help for your Nerves". By Dr. Claire Weekes. If you have been on the site for long you will have seen this suggestion before. Now I am not saying it will answer all your questions and it may not be for you, but it played a major role in my recovery. You see, the word 'try' is the wrong approach. (OK, so he's finally flipped, but read on). Trying, struggling, fighting, going forward with gritted teeth all create more adrenaline, more fear. Total acceptance, flowing with the feelings is what I mean. Give up every form of resistance to the dreaded feelings. Like water flowing over you. Ducks don't get wet. It flows over and off them. Not a very good analogy but sufficient. Anyway, give the book a try and if you feel you need any explanation do not hesitate to message me. Yes, I do give a bit of time. I am retired so can do so. But it is because I suffered, and did I suffer, that to try and help others in trouble is now a privilege, and the lovely folk on here deserve it. Good luck. jonathan.


I read that book it said if you keep fearing it it will get worse. That is now an obsessive thought in my mind that won't go away. I'm afraid of the fear.


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