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Tales of anxiety, depression, work and life - Part 7

Tales of anxiety, depression, work and life - Part 7

The past few weeks have included the Christmas season, not a part of the year I usually enjoy but this year was made bearable by going away for a week leading up to Xmas and spending new year with some family.

I am due to start my new job at the end of January and will confess to a little more than the inevitable 'new job' anxiety.

Having been away from work since early September I am a little surprised that I still have trouble sleeping without some zopiclone and I remain on 30mg of mirtazapine. This has contributed to almost a stone of weight gain but I am hopeful that some of that will come off once I am working again.

In general terms and having had time to reflect on my experience of mental illness in the last year or so I have concluded that there are no right or wrong paths to recovery. Still count the book on depression written by Chris Cantopher as my best companion and guide and have gained a greater scepticism about the value of talking therapy but your experience may well be quite different. Whatever your issues are all I do know is that there are answers out there that will help, provided you are strong enough to keep trying. I believe that the majority of us are stronger than we think and that too much emphasis is given to human weaknesses over our natural instincts to survive.

Best wishes and good health,


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Hi. Rogitian. You are so right. There is too much emphasis on what we cant do as to what we can. Again, there are no right or wrong paths. What suits one can make another upset and resentful. We are stronger than we think but when in the 'throes' it is sometimes difficult to believe that. We all have an immense source of courage which needs to be tapped into. Contrary to you I believe that talking therapy is the real answer, but as you say, our experience may be different. What you say about about keeping trying is what I call perseverance. As you probably know, this is so difficult for a person deep in suffering, but it is the only way. Sometimes a rest is needed before we start but we have no chance of winning unless we are in the race. A very interesting blog. Many thanks.. jonathan.


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