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Does Boredom Brings on Extreme Tiredness

Saturdays are so boring and wondered if anybody gets very tired once they become bored.

Have been busy since waking. But as the day moves on that dreaded boredom has started to set in . Does anybody else struggle a lot with boredom ?

Time to take a good walk I think before it goes dark : )

Have a good afternoon all.

swan : ) : )

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Yes Swan

I really do think boredom along with anxiety can make you very tired

I also get like this

You have the answers :-) take dog a walk ...keep as busy as you can , its getting motivated at times though I find hard as well , but once you do it helps

Have a good afternoon as well Swan

Come on here when you run out of things to do , always nice to hear from a friendly people , helping others as you do , along with the rest that keep supporting & they no who they are :-) which is just about everybody !!!

whywhy xxx


having nothing to do can be hard to deal with i often get bord im unemployed so its hard to stay entertained the trick is to find somthing that keeps you happy a new hobby maybe.


Hiya Stewart .....Hope all is going ok mate : )

So true what you say about working ....lots of people absorb themselves into their work and paid for doing it also : ) That's good I suppose if you enjoy your occupation.

Well have just trekked 5 miles cross country . Well exhausted : )

Have a good day Stewart , swan : )


Yep! I had a staff meeting for nearly two hours and was so bored it felt like someone had given me an anaesthetic!


Hiya OH ....I can imagine : ) Sometimes formal meetings are so stuffy and boring .

You must have been glad when the meeting ending : )

Have a good day ,

swan : )


What do they say. If you get one person out of five who listens at a meeting you have done well!!! I have often half fallen asleep and got a rollicking for it. Ah well. Happy days. j.


Hobbies are a great way to stave off boredom. It's just a matter of finding one you like though. I think boredom can definitely make you lethargic and tired - after all people yawn when they're bored don't they?


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