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sleepless nights on the couch

For the past few days iv had to have a few hours on the couch of a night because my cough wakes me up during the night and the constant itching which makes me fidgety in bed and i dont want to wake my OH up, so i go downstairs. I feel bad because of a day im lying on the couch reading or playing games on my laptop and things are not getting done, like housework and i cannot force myself to take the dog for a walk either, iv been in for weeks, save going the Asda a few times, its not a long walk is it getting fresh air. Im either too tired or feel ill and im getting really fed up of it now, when will i feel better. My rash gets really itchy when im stressed or overly tired or when i sweat, which is a side effect of my anti depressants. Cant wait to be feeling 100% better.

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Hiya Linny Hope you get a sleep pattern back and hope the cough eases soon.

Perhaps try to explain to the family you are poorly at the moment and have stepped out of your routine.

When we lose sleep ..... especially when we are anxious/depresseed ....this makes us very lethargic , at least in my experience. And so gettting a sleep pattern back is my priority and this means taking a sleep in the day if need be.

Try to explain to the family you have lost your sleep pattern . Or, better still, accept you are a night-owl ....Maybe go to asda when you decide is 24hrs . Maybe your routine will come back naturally. swan :)


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