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Physical effects

Hi, I'm new to this so here goes. Have been asking citalopram for over 10 years and propranalol for the last year. I am really struggling with the physical side of the panic attacks and am constantly wondering if its normal.

I go to cold, hot, feel sick , light headed,have to run to the loo and feel as if I'm having a heart attack. I desperately want to control the attacks but they control me. I feel as though doctors thinks adjust wasting their time but the physical symptoms are so overwhelming and scary.

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Hi Foxy73

Taking citalopram for over 10 years & still feeling as bad as you do have your doctors not suggested changing your meds ? I am not a doctor but from what you are saying the meds you are on dont seem to be helping !

I would go back & ask them , & as for you wasting their time , that is their job & I always remind myself they are getting paid to see me , so why should I feel guitly , if we didnt have to go & see them they wouldnt have a job !

Your symptoms do seem like panic attacks , alot do say instead of fighting them go with them , which is something I am now trying to concerntrate on doing , also there is a link on here someone has put , a recording of someone called Claire talking about how to deal with panic attacks , have a listen , it made sense what she was saying

Now you have found this site , you will see reading the posts you are not alone & every one understands what you are going through , so keep talking , that also helps

Welcome :-)

whywhy x


Hi, thank you! It's so nice to chat to someone who understands. I've always felt alone with this. :)


NOOO LOL you are certainly not alone , not on here , even though I understand , have felt the same myself

Keep talking , you will get through this :-)

whywhy x


You are defiantly not alone! Panic attacks are the worst! Go back and see your gp with regards to your meds they obviously ain't working for you. I have found there is always someone on here who knows what your going through and to talk to. Keep posting how your getting on, there is light at the end of the tunnel xx


Hiya foxy there's no doubt your suffering anxiety from what you write your also having panic attacks feeling like your having heart attacks all sign of anxiety let me say now you must recognise your not having a heart attack its just chemicals your body's releasing adrenalin and such that makes your heart beat a little faster and your pulse race and sweat and run for the toilet lightheaded and dizzy in fact you probably feel more symptoms with anxiety there are many in fact when you think about it too many symptoms it can be managed I'm surprised your dr hasn't sent you for cbt to help you with dealing with your anxiety it is a matter of letting one of these attacks come and go without overreacting to it the first time is hard I know how it feels after the many attacks I had the calling paramedics I thought I can't let this go on so after a bad one with the paramedics I decided to let the next panic attack run its course no matter how bad it got it lasted about 20 minutes I talked to it telling it it couldn't hurt me because it hadn't physically hurt me before and it won't now or write down your feelings anything to move your thinking away from it I was tired after but I did it I've had attacks since but nowhere near as bad as they used to be if you can do that you will feel better each time you come through it without letting it control you as for your meds have a word with your dr there are different meds around that may suit you I've been where you are and I am improving I hope you will too I've also had a heart attack and to be honest it didn't feel anything like a panic attack get checked by your dr if your in doubt and get some reassurance when the dr tells you things are fine and remember your not alone with this condition I bet most people in the waiting room are there with a health anxiety of some sort so don't feel embarrassed I wish you well i'le keep an eye out for you good luck and good health to you. Mel


Hi Foxy73,

Welcome to the site.

You write that you wonder whether it is normal, the physical side of the panic attacks. What has reassured me is a video and information on the web written by the nhs. It you google panic disorder-nhs choices, the top site will take you to information about panic attacks and a video by a psychologist.

I hope it helps.




Hi, I used to suffer from depression and extreme anxiety for years, I tried sertraline and citralapram. and found the side effects do have dizziness and light headedness sweats and feeling prickley in my nerves. as part of the side effects. So I decided to go down the alternative route. I didnt feel happy with the idea of the way the pills worked, stopping my nerves cells absorbing seratonin as I am sure this is what my nervous system is supposed to do.

I then found something even better from Health SPan which has a natural form of 5HTP that makes seratonin, in it which I found are are much more gentle and have no weird side effects of which you mention that was even better. ( You CANNOT take this aswell as your medication though, as a seratonin uptake inhibitor stops ur nerves absorbing it and so it builds up the seratonin in ur brain by stopping it being absorbed in ur nervous system./) It might be worth a try for u, as they are more gentle and natural way of making seratonin And if after ten years your still suffering, the medication is obviously not working for you.

Its not everyones choice, but personally I trust natural supplements as I have always found them helpful now and again. and well personally I found them way more effective than the pills from the Doctor.

Its a sad fact that still some Doctors dont really know about, or have time or think to suggest any alternatives other than medication.

So you have to be a bit proactive and do a bit of research if its your health, you cant leave it to just a pill to cure you.

I looked at my diet, I was over 5 stone overweight, any aspects of my life, that I found caused too much stress, or that I wanted to change, or that were out of control, finances, unhealthy relationships, etc.

I started meditating and doing gentle yoga, tai chi, and devised some colour , aura breathing excercises, aswell as looking into the supplements with 5HTP from the Griffinonia tree (that makes seratonin natrually, ) zinc, magnesium and B vitamins and minerals that anxiety sufferers are often deficient in. Also what you eat is important, if you eat too much sugar, or wheat or dairy, or additives, for some this can sometimes put your digestive and blood sugar levels under stress, checking and noticing what you eat is vital,

If there is something you eat a lot of that coincides with your feelings of anxiety, cut it out.

Foods such as bananas, chocolate, nuts cocoa etc are natural seratonin producers.

NB> If you do decide to take a natural form of seratonin, in pill form, or via eating foods that make the seratonin naturally, then you cannot take your medication at the same time, . as it is very dangerous to have too much seratonin, building up in your brain.

Also I bought a lavender essential oil to inhale, as essential oils work on the limbic system of the brain which is the mood centre of the brain. and help change moods. Orange is good for depression and lavender and rosemary for anxiety or head aches due to anxiety.

the best thing I ever experienced for anxiety that I could even feel in my stomach, was chamomile and honey , which is good for the intestinal flora, and muscle cramps, I found it made my stomach troubles and period pains, also disappear. Double result!

I am 100% better and happier and when ever i find myself experiencing stress, I also do a colour breathing meditation, breathing in clouds of blues turqouises and greens which help me as they are calming colours I created to help myself cope.

I hope this insight from my experience helps, It has helped me immensely and I very rarely suffer from either depression or anxiety now, even in difficult circumstances.

I have found myself feeling so much happier and calmer since I started taking good care of myself holistically, I really recommend it.

Best wishes for a calm and happier New Year :)


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