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But things get better :)

Hello everyone! I must start with announcement - english language is not my native language,so please don't judge my spelling to much :)

I am here to found people with same or similar feelings like i am having. Well,i had my new baby 2 months ago,this is my happiness ofcourse,but then suddenally after 3 weeks i found myself in hospital. Doc said it looked like anemia,but it wasn't. Now i know and understand that it is nothing else but anxiety and panic who use to visit me every day past month. I did all the blood tests,results are good,doc said,nothing to worry about,but i can't even to explain how i feel day to day. I am dizzy at all the time,i can,t explain it,it is mixing with panic. Some days i fell a bit better,but still in my head that strange feeling that something bad is gonna happen with me. This feeling wake me up in the morning and live in my head all day long. Anyone else ever felt like me? I am learning how to cope with anxiety and panic,cos i want to live my old,good life again. Where it is coming from? I use to be happy,healthy young lady,but now?

Thanks for understanding:)


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Rather than ramble on...read some posts and you will realise you are not alone....you will be fine when you realise you have nothing to fear but the feeling of fear itself....get well....xxx....speak soon..God Bless


Hi. pat. If I could write your mother tongue as well as you write English, then I would have achieved something! Well done. Understood every word. 'Fear of fear itself'. Sounds strange, but that is what is at the root of all our problems. Without fear there would be no problem! But fear is necessary. No, this is not a contradiction. It is the exaggerated fear that we suffer from that causes the suffering. Normal fear is useful and is designed to protect us from danger. Abnormal fear, such as we have, is not good and does not protect us. It upsets us. We have to banish this abnormal fear, not by fighting and struggling with it but by ACCEPTING it; going along with it; seeing it for what it is, anxiety brought on by sensitisation. You have become sensitised by some happening, an event you may not even remember. (Dont try to; waste of time). You are NOT GOING MAD as I feel you may think. Far from it. You would not have posted to us all this morning if you were so forget that one. Nothing is going to happen to you. You just THINK it is and there's the problem. Dear old Shakespeare said, "There's nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so". How true. Look after yourself. Love. jonathan.


Should have said Hi, Velga, didn't notice your name until after I had posted. J.


Thanks Jonathan,i feel much better this morning :) xx


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