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feeling detached

hi everyone, im feeling detached from my surroundings today, I don't know why. ive had a lot of good days lately, and today its one of those days. maybe its because im tired, I woke up a good few times in the night, and have done a lot of running around today. plus its that time of month and our harmones am all over the place. think im gonna try a nice warm bath and listen to some chilling out music its worth ago. plus I feel as if I need a good cry but don't know why xxx

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Hi. donaf. Feeling detached, unreal, is one of the worse symptoms of this blasted illness. I know it was for me. I felt as if the world was going past without me being involved. As if everything around me was like a film being enacted but me not in it. Disconcerting to say the least. However, acceptance eventually did the trick although it took some time and living with this symptom is not by any means pleasant. I am afraid you do come back to the acceptance bit. I still, sometimes, feel a little unreal but then I just accept, that possibly through tiredness, I am sensitised again. Rest assured; this does not last but it is rotten while you have it. As for a good cry. Yes, it can relieve a lot of tension, but sometimes our emotions are 'blocked' by the anxiety and it is difficult to have a good cry. You have had some good days so build on them. Remember how you felt then and realise that these 'glimpses' are a major part of recovery. Best wishes. jonathan.


Thanx jonathan, I used to feel detached day in, day out, its the first time I've felt detached in a long time. I felt really tired earlyer but after a warm bath I feel that bit better. It is an horrible feeling u get with anxiety,I sat in the kitchen early talking to a friend and other half and just felt like I was in my own world. Wen I felt like it before it was a case of letting it upset me, but instead I sat there and joined in the convo as best I cud. It wasn't untill she went I went in the bath so I done well sitting there and carrying on. I cudnt find the tears that wanted to come, even thou I still feel a cry wud help me there's no tears there to come. I cud sit her and feel sorry for myself which in away I do but I'm trying to just let it be that I won't feel detached for long. I've come along way and its keeping me more postive. Ur words have helped me to thank you xxx


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