Anxiety and giving up smoking! Is this possible? Has anyone succeeded?

I'm trying to give up smoking again! I have given up successfully in the past a few times but I didn't have anxiety then! I'm trying to give up again and have gone about five days give or take a puff or two lol but I am doing well I know but anxiety is worse (Obviously lol).

Any advice guys?


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  • I gave up because I couldn't afford it ,not for health reasons ,and I took to eating a bit more instead for comfort. You are doing fantastic ! as the beginning is the worst bit. I don't miss it now but it was very hard at the start. You CAN do it though. When you think of the things we cope with on a daily basis with anxiety, it's a breeze.I do feel better both health wise ,breathing and no colds or coughs and pocket wise money stretches a lot further. It was a very hard decision to make though!! as I did enjoy my cigs. Best of British to you PB, It's a tough call but a purely personal decision and I have begrudged it many a time LOL! Love and hugs Ella xxxx

  • Hi Ella, I'm giving up for a few reason to be honest. Money is a main part! I've also taken up eating more lol mainly chocolate! Not that I need an excuse to eat choc I think that would be harder to give up than smoking ?? lol. I'll get there I'm sure hun, just sometimes really just NEEEEEEEED one.

    Hope you're doing good hun x

  • it is totally possible to give up smoking and i fixed my anxiety issues so dont give up i used exercise as a way to overcome my problems and it worked i just takes a bit of work

  • Thank you for your helpful reply. I will do my best and won't give up.

    All the best

  • Lol I mean I won't give up giving up!!!

  • I took up smoking BECAUSE of my anxiety issues, however, I've recently quit.

    I'd recommend finding an alternative to smoking that relaxes you in times of anxiety (e.g. afriend you could call, or a cup of camomile tea) as well as the usual nicotine patches, or whatever your preferred method of quitting is. I used to call a friend during feelings of anxiety, i found it helped keep my hands occupied, and our random conversation kept my mind from wandering :) good luck, its not as hard as you may think! Xx

  • Hi, this is going to sound like real health anxiety issues but I swear it true! I tried patches and they made me hyper! Then tried gum and that burnt my tongue lol the inhalator was useless was better off pretending I was smoking a pen lol. So now I'm trying lozenges, which are going ok for now though I've been getting a funny feeling at back of throat lol. Oh and camomile tea gave me a rash lol how scatty does all that sound! But all in all I'm still smoke free at the mo! Have around £60 saved so might treat myself soon!

    Glad to hear you're doing well with being smoke free!

  • LOL PB! My daughter has one of those cigs that give out smoke ! it didn't work with her though lol. I think it's basically willpower and us anxious bunch have more of that than other people it seems. We live everyday on it lol x Ella x

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