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No control

This might sound ridiculous, and deep down I know it is! I can't stop thinking about this end of the world on the 21st, I just want to get that day over with. I'm not ill or anxious about it but I keep having thoughts such as 'well everything comes to an end, who's to say the human race won't' I worry about things I have no control over. My nan thinks I'm mad for even thinkin about it, nevermind worry about it.

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What ive heard is its the end of the Mayan calender and not the end of the world. Ive been hearing end of the world stories since the 80s, apparently we were a few minutes away from a nuclear holocaust, which, like the end of the world on the 21st, is just a hoax and with some it caused panic and anxiety, and films of nuclear holocaust were on the t.v like Threads and bands like frankie goes to hollywood sang about nuclear war with two tribes.

So i wouldnt worry about it. Have a glass of wine, im sure people will be setting off fireworks that day just to scare people lol x


Hi. kjm. It does not sound ridiculous. We get up tight about all sorts of things with this rotten illnes so never regard yourself as ridiculous. If I had the pounds for the number of times the world was going to end I would be a millionaire! Now this is a true story, and is a salutary lesson the those who believe this nonsense. In the USA at the beginning of the last century there was a sect who were told that the world would end on a certain day. They all gathered on a cliff top waiting to fly to heaven at the sound of the last trumpet call. Some wag, in a nearby village, blew a bugle and they all jumped of the cliff. Sorry, not really funny, but it goes to show how we can be fooled by these so called predictions. The only way the world will end if we humans go on polluting the planet as we are. Best wishes. And happy landings!! jonathan.


hi.....I have to be truthful with you and i hope you don,t mind. Anxiety can grasp onto anything that seems a in your case it is dec 21ST.....well forget it ,because when we are open to suggestion (sensitive) we take anything on board. If it wasn,t the 21st you may have chosen something else simply because you are running on red alert (fear). When I suffered some of the things I was anxious about were totally stupid..but not at the time!!!... It will settle down (maybe on 22nd dec..ha ha) because we will all still be here and I sincerely hope that you view it differently and accept it while you are becoming better with the help of you doctor... good friends you can talk with.... and this fab site where you will learn that you are not alone.....xxxxx


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