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I'm being absolutely ridiculous!

I've been really worrying lately about people say the world is ending on December 21st! I know it is completely irrational, but I can't help thinking about it! I keep trying to tell myself there is no need to worry, as I can't do anything about it if it does happen. I cannot wait for the 21st to be over and done with so I can stop worrying about something so silly!!!

JB x

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i understand what you saying and you are not silly, i was growing up hearing my mum saying tomorrow is the end of times and never happened, it creeps the day light of me but see when i started reading more in the bible and go to church, it is clearly saying that no one knows when the end of times apart from GOD, not even the son. going to church and praying making me feel safe, of course i still get scared but i try not to worry about that a lot, if you think about it a lot you just go crazy. I am not sure if you believe in GOD but praying is some sort of meditation and it does help with anxiety my dear.

i hope this helped a bit :)

take care

rouri xx


Hiya I live with these thoughts every single day, only difference is I think it's the end of my world. Not a day goes by without my having feelings and thoughts that this nights my last, I'm not going to wake in the morning! But I am still here now and I hope I'll be here in the morning!!!

Hope it eases for you soon!

All the best x


Glad someone else mentioned it, cuz I've been worrying aswell. I've actually gone as far as researching it. Most answers say that there is nothin to worry about. There isn't any scientific evidence to suggest the world will end. Reading the bible might help some people but at the end of the day not everyone is religious. In fact most of these end if the world worries are down to religion anyway and there's no clear truth or evidence in any religion , its all just a matter of beliefs x


I'm not worried about the end of the world as I know it isen't true after a lot of research.One thing that did frighten the life out of me and the worst anxiety attack was when the LHC started up as silly as it sounds I really thought the world would end.I laugh at my self now for being so silly but that's how we get with our anxiety. There's a lot of nasty scare mongering out there and these scare mongers should be punished for frightning the general public grrrr.But you're not alone JB please ( and I know it's hard ) try not to worry xx


I can remember that when I was a child, I would see people walking around saying that the end is nigh, & there would be people preaching on Hyde Park corner saying that the world was about to end. There`s even a ryhme by someone called old mother Shipton, that ends with the line " The world then to an end will come, in the year 1991.", that year has been & gone, & the world is still here so I take all these predictions with a pinch of salt.


Might sound dumb here, what's lhc lol x


the Large Hadron Collider, people thought it would cause doomsday.


Oh yeah I remember that, I was 7 months pregnant! :-s


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