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My brother was off today and we went for a very nice lunch. The background music could be heard, but wasn't intrusive. "last christmas" was playing and I thought of a friends little girl, 3yrs old at the time,who loved this song when it was released. She used to sing "gev" not give and it was cute. I filled up and wept silent tears that wouldn't stop! I've been like this on my own in the car or at home, but this was a full cafe. - no-one noticed!

I still ate my lunch, but slower.


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Aw Sandra....I feel sad too and along with the rest of the world it seems. Why do we get so sick and full of dread and sadness at this time ? It is supposed to be a celebration of hope, yet it drags us along and I am so glad when it's over. I guess it is a good thing in that it proves we do FEEL things and we are ALIVE. It proves we have compassion and Empathy and that can't be all that bad love. You are a good , kind, caring person and you are needed! and that is the same for all of us on this site too :) Lots of Love and Hugs x Ella X


:( me too :( it is weather/hormones/anxiety/depression and Christmas is around the corner does not help at all, feeling blue :(


Yes agree with the above comments .......our emotions are really close to the surface right now which can spill over into tears etc very easily.

Christmas is all about memories and I think that is one of the reasons we find it hard, there are memories of all the past Christmases, we remember friends and family members, some may no longer be with us, some we just don't see any more or have lost touch with.

We remember how we felt back then and it all seems to different and long ago, some of us may have some bad memories from childhood or even as adults and they can be difficult to cope with.

I think there is a great sense of loss in many ways .......I suppose that's the human condition, we have the ability to think and analyse and remember but the down side of that is that we get upset in doing so. We are a bit too clever at thinking for our own good.

Animals are lucky is some ways in comparison as they live in the moment and don't consider the past or the future.

Anyway Christmas will arrive in no time and then it will be a whole year away again, we will get through it and maybe even manage to enjoy some aspects a little.

I've just discovered some great mince pies in a local shop........having one warmed up with a bit of icing sugar on top is my little treat for myself......easily pleased :-)


Me too! PL! just love sweet things! I like the New Year best. Fresh start and hopefully better than the last year ;) xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Yes, Christmas is a time for memories to flood in and it often is music of some kind that sets me off. I'm lucky enough to have a husband who understands and shares these feelings.. For me, a good cry, seems to let some of the pressure out! Also, the adverts on telly and stuff like that always see to show everyone having a good time, noone is down or depressed. Thats not true, Christmas is a time for emotions coming out both happy and sad. Just don't worry about the sad ones or try to surpress them, they are part of who you are. Well, thats me, anyway!!! Sorry, don't mean to go on so much!


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