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Time really does help

Hi all

Time is one of those things that people say heals all and i am inclined to believe this now. When i was at my worst a couple of months back, i knew time would be the key but knowing that and accepting that are different things.

It took me a long time to really accept what was happening to me rather than just trying to fight it. Going back to work has helped and i am finally at the stage where i do something and cope with how i feel rather than panic first about doing something and then do my best to keep the panic at bay during it.

My CBT has taught me that i need to repeat tasks and they will then start to lose any fear they hold and this is true. Don't get me wrong, how i feel is still very much in my mind but i do not let it rule me. I let any panic sweep up and then past me. I do not run away from it, i slow down, breathe into my belly, relax all my muscles and let it pass. And it always does pass.

I still suffer with a tight chest most days and can feel dizzy but it does not bother me like before. There are also things i have not managed to do yet like eat in a restaurant and go shopping on a saturday when its busy but the thought of these don't scare me now. I know i will do them soon and although i will maybe feel a bit panicky, it will pass.

I am off to a concert on Saturday 100 miles from home and although aprehensive, i will do my best to make it a successful day. What i have realised recently is that it doesn't matter where i am, it is me and not the situation that causes the panic. It is no different being in a car stuck in traffic or sat on my sofa at home. It is me that causes a reaction and it is me that can stop it before it starts.

I have been having hypnotherapy and i am sure this has helped. If not this then the relaxation that it brings. I've also read a lot of and listened to a lot of the works of Claire Weekes. She really does talk sense. I was on Prozac but have reduced my dosage to every 2 days and now 3 days with the intention of stopping altogether soon. It made me too hyper and therefore more panicky as i felt constantly wired!

So for everyone who is suffering, things can get better believe me. Practice the things that make you nervous.

I still suprise myself sometimes when i realise i haven't thought about how i am feeling for a little while. Yes i have days when i don't feel right and fully expect setbacks but when i look back 3 months and see the progress made, i know things can only keep getting better.

Much love and hugs


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So true daisy. Time is an defo an healer. A few mths back I wudnt except it and fighted my anxiety but as time went on my attitude changed about it and I have excepted is as a part of me for now. Wen it cums I try and relax thou it. Where as I still get abit negative from time to time I'm alot more positive then I was. Once I realised I was adding more panic to it, and starting to let it b it doesn't cum so much. Then I started to go to the places that I avoided and got thou it.There's still sum avoided place but I will get there. I love the days where I worry about anxiety and wat cones with it as them r the days that I forget about it. Setbacks come and go but its all apart of getting better. Really happy that ur at a better part of it, xxx


Really good to hear........a combination of different things seems to have done the trick, sometimes it's persisting with different things and eventually finding a good mix.

It's great that you have gone back to work and that gets you into a different mindset too and thinking of other things and gives your day glad that it's all going well.

It's interesting that hypnotherapy is helping too......that's worth a try but I think that sessions are fairly expensive.

Anyway best wishes and long may it continue. :-) PL


Happy for you Daisy :)

I agree with you as time is the magic healer :)

I know we will all get to this point there our life's will become normal again :)


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