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Time to take anti depressant, not getting better and denying it is anxiety. I really need help asap

Hi guys, 19 year old. it has gotten to the point where my symptoms are really destroying me! Everyday it hasn't gotten better just symptoms 24/7 and nothing changes, just gets worse each day.

Symptoms: chest feels tight, throat feels clogged and worse then other days, struggling to swallow more and pain in my chest aswell when I cough! Jaw and head pain also have pain under my armpits near chest on both sides. Constantly clearing my throat no relief at all/ feel like something is blocked. I have reached the end and I don't know what to do anymore, doctors have done all the tests in the world, and nothing wrong. I'm keep saying I'm not anxious and I want to really just get better but it just doesn't go. I'm convinced there is something seriously wrong with me. Right no I feel relaxed but symptoms feel like there more worse and I'm going to stop breathing! Please I don't want to take meds! I feel like I don't need them. I need advise wether to do other tests on my throat or something. God help me please someone. I don't want to die 😢 And I have new symptoms every second.

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Hi I'm 22 and have been struggling with anxiety for 2 months now, I was recently told I had mitral valve prolapse but not to worry because it's apparently common, but it causes a lot of palpitations and anxiety. I've been really bad similar symptoms to you, chest pain, palpitations hard to breathe ect. I was prescribed Propranolol and was so scared to take it, I was giving myself anxiety for taking my anxiety medication. I promise you can get over this, but you need to take the medication, it has helped me a lot and it will help you. I know it's scary but it is meant to help and it will, once you get over these constant attacks you can ween off the medicine. I get panic attacks every day and sometimes I get scared to leave my house, because I live on the 3rd floor and get intense panic walking up the stairs because I convinced myself I have a weak heart even though I did a stress test and it came back positive. It will be ok, hang in there. I know the medicine can be scary for me it got to the point where I had enough feeling constantly panicked so I took the medicine and it really helped me. If you need anything feel free to PM me and I'll be happy to chat. We're all in this together.


Hi krisv, thank you so much for your reply, the thing that worries me is that my symptoms don't leave my body at all, which constantly reminds me, have the doctors missed something. I was prescribed Sertraline and I started it today I'm unsure how long it will take to kick in cause my symptoms do not give me a break for 1mim, it feels like it gets worse and I'm gonna die. Right now I feel that way and it doesn't go away. :(


You sound like me I've been to the doctors like 6 times in the past 4 months & im still convinced there is something more wrong with me. This has been on hell of a year one of the worst of my life. This anxiety has taken over my life. Symptoms are always there for me to. Some days better then others but I'm always thinking when I symptom hits me like this is it I'm going to die because they are that terrifying & I feel like nobody understands. I have it like you said even when I'm not anxious or stressed that's what I just can't wrap my head around. I'm glad I found this site & other people like me because it is seriously starting to drive me absouletly crazy. & im pretty sure people in my life are getting tried of hearing me constantly talk about my anxiety. But for me it makes me feel better to talk about it or I feel I would lose myself in my own thoughts. My doctor gave me meds but I never took them I don't want to be dependent on something for the rest of my life, but it's seriously getting to that point. I defiantly have chest anxiety it's always just sitting there. Aches & pains little mini shocks shortness of breath. Blurry vision my stomach & this is a fairly new symptom my stomach when I sitting down twitches it's very annoying. It's been doing it for like a month straight at all random times. I'm tired of worrying, I wake up at night & can't go back to sleep & I never had a problem sleeping. & before this year I've never had any problems in my life. 😔

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You won't die and you need to practice deep breathing techniques

Try yoga or Pilates

Calming things for the mind


It really does help just takes body bit of time to get use to it

Distraction is another thing focus on an object and really look at it all the detail give your mind something different to focus on

Counting helps also

I listen to The honest guys on YouTube they have some good videos to.help also Jason Stephenson

And binaural beats

Hopefully this might help


Think about people who love you that is your answer

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I have suffered from panic attacks 20 years ago when my husband left me. Feeling weak, faint thinking I was going to die. Was put on citalopram and it did help a lot. Over the years, I developed UC and that started again. I now have health anxiety. I really think there is something drastically wrong with me. Why can’t I recognise the symptoms as being anxiety? Was put on sertraline last October but increasing the dose slowly. Just had a cancer scare and an op. UC symptoms are debilitating but the anxiety makes everything worse. I have taken so much time off work recently. I will never stop the anti-depressants. Sad but true.

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