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Tales of anxiety, depression, life and work- part 6

Almost a month since my last blog and much has happened. My symptoms have continued to improve although in the last couple of weeks my anxiety has increased due to the impending life changing decisions I had to make about work.

I have never doubted that my current condition has been caused by work stress. I am not saying that my employers are slave driving ogres but like many they will push people beyond their capability from time to time and injure them as sure as in a trip slip or fall at work.

During my time off work (3 months now) I have had to think very hard about going back to the job or, as described by Dr Chris Cantopher in his book, find a job that is 'kinder' to me. I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to apply for another post at a lower level of responsibility (and salary of course) and even more fortunate to be offered the job. The choice has been one where I have tried to listen to my gut as best I can and last week I handed in my notice.

I should find out what the future looks like work wise this week. I hope that I can start the new year in the new job and I feel very fortunate. I don't know how long my full recovery will take and I know that some scars will persist.

I hope that any of you that have experienced anything similar can take a pinch of hope from this and the other excellent support that users of the site offer. I can't tell you how much better it is not to be alone with this stuff.

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Good luck - thanks for posting a good news message


Hope it works out well and turns out to be the best decision. It's hard making changes but hopefully this way you have time to get better gradually.



Just read your blog and gone back and look through your older ones. Thank you. I am where you were several months ago. Although yet to go on any pills. I have also made the decision to step back from my current position although my anxiety at the moment is my boss is refusing to make a decision as to what I may be able to do instead and wants me to hand in my notice before I will be told! What I find interesting is both of us from what I can gather from your blog is that we both work in "caring" non profit organisations yet the support seems to be harder to come by. I am really glad it is working out for you and I hope that I can be in the same position as you in the next few weeks.


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