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Finding it hard to keep going.

I've had anxiety probs for years, had to give up work but managed to return part time two years later. This year has not been good, the things I used to get through don't seem to be working, my meds were changed 6 months ago, felt better for a bit but not know. Bad patches come so frequently especially as lots of changes at work. Felt really well last week but now very anxious due to something I heard at work, it's nothing I can do anything about but still made me anxious and it triggers off all my negative thoughts. Should have gone on a trip today but couldn't, I didn't want to cancel but felt so tired and my concentration has gone.

I'm trying to keep going but feel very lonely as apart from my mum and dad no-one else understands. Would be nice to hear from someone who knows how I feel and maybe share how to cope.

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well i am unemployed and been suffering from pannic attacks,depression,psychosis and some isolation issues for around 5 years or so and i can say it sucks i have no friends any more i dont go anywhere other then the shops to buy food ect.

but i can honestly say since i went and seen my doc who referred my to the mental health team and gave me some counseling sessions things have improved. the thing is you need to stop and think about how you can deal with the things that make your life shit.

i found getting active and planing out my life making sure all my bills were paid save some money ect life is a lot easier to deal with.

sometimes we just need to get a grip off our life and move on as far as being able to cope with the symptoms of the issues you have asked i highly recommend cbt look it up on the net also making changes to your diet like stop drinking caffine and plenty of exercise.

plus finding time to relax helps also. if work is getting to tough put in place some way of coping with the exrta work buy a notepad and plan out your day it may seem silly but it really does work

hope this helps


HI, i couldnt have put it better myself stewart, its hard when you feel so isolated, i too only have my mum who understands and my social life left me what feels like forever ago. it does help to make yourself a type of action plan and tick things off as you go. dont be to hard on yourself, your only human. x


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