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Help with Electricity

Warm House Discount .com link below on Briar Rose's post

Hi everyone on any benefits, please check out this link if you are scared of struggling with heating problems this winter. I found it on another page here yesterday and as a result of inquiring I am to be credited £130.00 this winter for electricity. Hope this may help somebody xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Hi ellabella. Have done this. The way I look at it is that, having paid income tax and all the other taxes during my working life (which must amount to many hundreds of thousands), I have no hesitation in asking for some of it back!!!. Hope things are looking up for you. Blessings and kind regards. jonathan.


Thank you Jonathan, think I can see a little light now : ) God Bless xxxxx


Thanks, Ella - I will definitely look at applying for this - my heating bills are horrendous, even though i do get the Winter Fuel allowance - bless you for sharing. Jonathan, I agree with you, you pay through the nose in taxes, but when you need help the govt doles it out like it's their life blood grr....!

Ella, you link didn't work when i tried it, so I'm reposting - hope you don't mind!

hope you're okay hun <3 :)





Sorry Rose I could do with a few lessons in links and other stuff ....complicated LOL Hope you can get it Hun xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


LOL, hun - yes, thanks, I got it - don't think it was your fault, it just said Page Moved or something equally helpful! ;) hope you're okay, hun! xxxxxx


Oh that's wonderful! Yes, yes I'm fine ....a lot better today than the last few weeks thanks sweetie xxxxxx


I doubt whether I`d be eligable for any help with heating, as I`m single with no children, & not old enough for the old age allowance. I dread the winter because my flat is poorly insulated & freezing in the winter.


I live on my own flower with no dependents and also not old enough for old age allowance, but I got it! Have a little try and see. You my get it xxxx


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