Has anyone ever been labeled weak or nervous type perso by your family or other people. Are family is going through alot right now due to loss of my nephew. But I was told this today an reason is because I have to much empathy for people how can you not feel for people when they are hurting explain this to me please I've cried enough I use to be a very strong person what happened !!!!


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  • Sorry, not up to saying much, but yes, my family members don't actually say "We think you're a wimp!" but the implication is there. In my experience, nice people care, therefore they suffer - that's not weakness! In fact, we;re often stronger, because we suffer more, but still carry on! I don't know why people don't care - too self-centred, I suspect. I'd rather be the caring kind - and I prefer people like you, who care too.Don't let anyone put you down for caring!

    Sorry it's not more




  • Hope you feel better Rose never thought it that way have blessed evening xx

  • Weak or compassionate? Nervous or sensitive? Pretty good qualities to have I'd say. Oddly I often scowl at myself for not being the strong person I was but I think suffering/coping with anxiety is one of the toughest tests I've ever faced and yet I'm still here, if that's not being strong I don't know what is. Don't let them drag you down it's there problem not your's if they want to view it negatively.

  • You are so kind at least I admit I have a problem. I guess it threw me to hear them say it, Thankyou have blessed evening xxxx

  • i don't think crying is a sign of being weak, anxiety makes us more sensitive that's all love, in fact we are much stronger and more compassionate than others.

    i did ask myself this question before? i use to be very strong and what happened to me?? well nothing happened, i just became stronger and more caring person.

    my love don't get upset now from your family, they are going through a lot and you know that, take it on the chin, never mind. someone at work today wanted a favor but did not even ask nicely or professionally, she just gave me like an order, she is not even in a place to tell me what to do, i was very angry and thought about not doing the job, but then i thought i should be better and behave in a better way, i gave her what she wanted, she did not even say thank you. giving her what she wanted is not a sign of weakness but respect for the job that God gave me, like Mother Theresa said "if you do good today tomorrow it will be forgotten, DO GOOD ANYWAY" if you have been called weak doesn't mean you are, forget about it and be there for them anyway.

    big big hug


  • You are so kind and sweet bless you xxx

  • Do you know something Mimisings I admire you and everyone on this site ! You all have helped me through so much without one word of judgement !!! This never ceases to amaze me...I have experienced a lot of whispering and such from my family. Only once has 1 sister let fly and told me I was paranoid. I did smile afterwards because, Oh I wish that was all I was LOL : ) I would truly rather die than hear what they say behind my back!!!! Oh let them get on with it....we have to put up with them don't we? ; ) bless you back sweetie xxxx

  • Hi ellabella. Do they really know what Paranoid means? I am going to write a blog on words because they can be so hurtful to us. (Not to me now!) I find that when you realise that you are dealing with ignorant people.( Not in the ordinary sense of being ignorant .You can have ten degrees in Science and still be ignorant about nervous illness). WE MUST STOP LETTING THESE PEOPLE WORRY US.However close they are to us. Look after them, love them, be kind and considerate to them but accept the fact that not having "been there" they cannot possibly understand. (There are exceptions, but very rare). Blessings. jonathan.

  • Yes Jonathan, I have also distanced myself from them a lot! I can't do with the disappointed faces of my family if I mention mental health. The eyes actually do glaze over LOL. I do accept that they haven't a clue what I feel like and hopefully they never will. So I don't spend as much time around them and when I do , I am very careful what I say. I save my feelings for this site where people know what I am on about. Sad but true xx

  • Oh what a tough time im going through I cannot handle alot of stress an pressure my one sister is making me feel horrible because I can't be with my sister that just lost her grandson I feel so bad for her but I get so sick I don't know what to do I use to be stronger them all but it's like I don't have it in me they are over there now my stomach is hurting have the shakes I don't want to draw attention to myself what do I do please tell me she is falling apart she fainted at privat the private showing today an I dread tomorrow calling hours!!!! Am I going to make it through this an is she why can't I be stronger for her an why is my other siter so rude when my mom was sick an dying I was the only one there but they seem to forget that help please!!!

  • You have done this before by the sound of this Mimisings, and you have been the strong one of the family for a long time darling. Deep down in your heart you know the right thing to do...go with that. You and you alone know your own capabilities. Sometimes we far exceed them in circumstances that are out of our control. Like the awful position you are in now..... I don't think they will care at the moment or even notice that you are ill love. It doesn't matter if you draw attention to yourself does it really? They are your sisters and you have always been there for them before. You are going to make it through this will most likely be very calm even by now if you read this message. Darling your presence is needed, even if you don't think you are doing any will be doing the best you can. No-one can ask for more than that. We know you are ill, and I know for a fact! that everyone will want to support you today and every day. Don't give up, you have a very special heart and soul that will see you through this terrible time. Now when you are ready , give me the thumbs up and tell us all how you got on, Much Love and Blessings to you and your family Mimi xxxxxxxxxx

  • Well praise be everyone I made it through the funeral an even spoke in front of everyone about leaving a legacy an how he wanted to open up a place for hurting people an addicts! Please still keep my family in your prayers because I know they are going to miss him. Thankyou all for putting up with me an being such wonderful and caring souls xxxxx

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