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Hey any suffers out there would understand what im going through. Today just got home from school and i can't calm down because i heard that a tummy bug is going around school even though i haven't seen anyone vomiting but i won't calm down its just like im waiting to see if im gonna be ill its really horrible im seeing NHS therapist but it doesn't seem to be working all she said was go to school everday and make friends but she doesn't seem to get it and get to the root of my fear all she says we will talk when we see eachother i just don't know what to do anymore.

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this time of the year is hell for those of us with emetophobia, it seems that all we hear is "so & so`s got this bug thats going around, & she was sick all night". I`m so fed up with it, I mean don`t we have enough to deal with, what with colds & flu at this time of the year.


True its even stopping me from goin to a review today at school im so tierd of all this its ruining and taking over my life were gonna lose this


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