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Effects of a breakdown(for women)

Hi girls

I m a bit embarrassed to talk about this but I need to talk to somebody ...Since I had my breakdown in May this year ,my period lasts just one day.I had a scan and everything is fine ,I ve been on the pill for two years and never had a problem with that.Does stress and mental issues do this to my body??is it possible???I find it hard to believe it...

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hello love, mine gone down from 5 days to 2 days and half, i don't have kids and i am not on the pill but have feeling that all my problems pushed my perimenopausal earlier, so i think i have hormonal imbalance that is affecting my anxiety.

yes anxiety can cause anything, even the ability to move your hand sometimes and pain in the teeth, so don't be surprised.

you had a scan and you were reassured so that is excellent. now not sure what you can do. what GP said? could it be the pill that is causing it?

i want to do hormonal test but my GP will laugh his head off if i tell him!!

let me know your news




I believe it is true train, my periods completely stopped at age 40 never to return ..just like that! I strongly believe there is a direct connection with stress in women and hormones.. xxx

Ps .. they never do find anything wrong do they? ( sorry for being unhelpful ) x


It s ok Ella Bella thank u for you answer honey!


Hi Rouri

Thank u for your answer.i had the hormonal test and it's fine a well.i m a but scared I m going in early menopause even I m just 32!!


same here, am 34 so almost there

can i please ask you what is hormonal test? how did you do it? and how did you manage to convince your GP to do a test for you?

mine will laugh on me if i told him to do a test? maybe i should go private?

what kind of symptoms you had that made you think about doing a test?

sorry for too many questions, i am trying to blame something on my anxiety i guess!!!



hello girls,i had similar problems this year,had my meltdown in May and had noticed changes to periods,they either didnt happen or became erratic or didnt happen at all.I asked to see the Practice nurse in GP and she was really patient and understanding,she gave advice on using Vit b6 and Primrose &starflower oils,they can do blood tests if needed to look at hormone levels,I was told I am Perimenopausal (i'm 45 ) and this can last a few years before you hit the main menopause.Good luck x


hello dear and thx for sharing

i did not do any tests as my GP will laugh on me if i tell him i think i have hormonal imbalance

i have my period now every 25 days and my breasts are sore almost for 2 weeks during ovulating (which cz huge appetite) and prior to my period. i so had enough as they feel so heavy and make my breathing uneasy.

not sure what to do now, i am taking vitam B complex which is good and omega 3/6, still not helping much my symptoms.

what about you, what symptoms you had to made you think you have hormonal imbalance? do you how we get it? is it by age? did the nurse suggested any tablets for it?

i thought Primrose if for PMS pains? and what is starflower oil? how do you use it? did you use any of it and did it make any relief?

i would very much appreciate your reply

thx a lot



I thought I was having hormonal imbalance cause 2 weeks before my period I was veeeeery depressed with huge apetite..I was a different I had the test but was between I used primrose oil but didn t work,till I changed antidepressant and now I m much better with the prementrual symptoms...


The other thing is, have you lost or gained significant amounts of weight due to your breakdown? That can also have a big effect on periods. I hope you can solve the problem. Also it can be a side effect of some antidepressants, so it depends what you're taking.


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