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I suffer from anxiety and depression - I seem to swing from one to the other.

Was on sertraline on and off for several years but can't take it anymore (personal reasons).

Was prescribed Prozac last year for depression but stopped taking it after a month or so as was feeling better.

Have started CBT and was advised to go back to GP as treatment will work better with medication. GP gave me 2 months of citalopram but having read the side effects I don't want to take them.

Im seeing my therapist Friday. Just wondered if anyone has any gems of wisdom.

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I was on citalopram for over a year I had the shakes sore heads and no appetite but after a couple of weeks the side effects went away. I am now on escitalopram and like you didn't want to take them because of side effects but after a week I was fine. All you can do is try them and if you think they are not for you go back and explain to your doctor how you feel about the tablets . Good Luck x


Hi Penfold7. If any of us had "gems of wisdom" we probably would not be on this site. Anxiety and depression can be a lonely business and very tiring. I know how you feel about side effects and, obviously, if you do not want to take them for personal reasons then that is for you to decide. But they can help get you over a hurdle and the side effects as written in the blurb are there to prevent you from getting worried if you get them. Most wear off after a short time anyway; with some people that is, not everyone. Your GP is the one you should ask. But, in my personal view, to stay on tablets indefinitely is not good; and if you get to rely on them you tend not to make any real effort yourself. Good luck with the CBT. Best wishes. jonathan.


hi penfold, the way it was explained to me is that it's a chemical imbalance [just as diabetes is with insulin] and the anti- depressants restore that balance.

I take citlopran and it suits me well - if you read the possible side effects of most meds you'd never even take an aspirin!

do whatever you feel right with, we are all different.




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