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anti-depressants do work!

when I was well I was so laid back I was coming round the other way! The last thing I thought I'd need were anti-depressants.

My gp told me I wasn't a diabetic.

He then asked if I were would I take Insulin? I said yes.

Well, he said, you are lacking another body chemical, an imbalance; will you take a supplement?

When I agreed he told me it was an anti-depressant because of low seratonin levels.

What a genious! put that way it made such sense. it still does.

please don't be put off by old beliefs, they can help. it is not weakness,

regards, sandra

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Hi Sandra

I couldnt agree more!! When i hit my low point with my anxiety and was told i'd need anti-depressants i was mortified, but when they explained about the chemical imbalance it made me feel so much better.....still working to this day :)



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