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Tricky day at work

My anxiety was really high this week. I went to a support group they described me as hyperactive. I didn't realise that I came across this way. I went to one of my voluntary jobs and was put on a new duty and had people constantly criticising me and patronising me, then asked to go out and get something, when I returned one of the team said could I not cope and did I have to escape. I knew I shouldn't have gone in as I don't feel well. It was as though I was there and I wasn't there. Then some people repeatedly asked questions I had no answer to. I know they were all making fun of me. My mind has been racing a lot. Perhaps I need to go back on the meds.

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I think a lot of us when we have anxiety can come across as hypoactive , I know my anxiety tends to make me talk ten to the dozen , I am sure at the support group they were just making an observation maybe so they knew how best to support you but I also know when we have anxiety we are very sensitive to negative comments & we really take them to heart I think it is a part of our nature & we then find these comments hard to dismiss which just can make us feel more anxious , but try & remember any comments are only " opinions " which everyone is entitled to have but it doesn't mean they are right by what they say ;-)

I see a great quality in you that you are doing voluntary work it takes a special warm hearted person to give their time to help others with nothing in return & the people that you were with today in " my opinion " should be treating any volunteers with the utmost respect , seems it is they that have the problem & not you at all but again when we are feeling so low we can always think it is us & we struggle to see the good things about ourselves

I think it would be a good idea to go & talk to your doctor , it sounds like you have taken medication before & it has helped ? Maybe it might be the right time to take it again , I would certainly go & explain how I was feeling

Take Care x


Thanks I'm definitely sensitive at the moment. My mind was saying 'they all think I am useless' over and over again. I'm having issues with the ex husband and it's having a knock on effect on other aspects of my life. Thanks for your lovely reply.


Hi Lindypalm

I'm having issues with my ex girlfriend. Before we used to row but I saw what my part in those rows did to both of us and I stopped. We have a gorgeous son together. When she unleashes on me it has the effect of making me feel useless, so bad that I want to cry, or that I feel useless, as a father, as a former lover, as a man.

The anxiety gets so bad at times that someone at work making a throwaway joke about me kills me. People walking past me to their own areas makes me feel unwanted, useless. I know they are not trying to do this and I know it is the anxiety that is doing it.

I also am looking at doing voluntary work. I need to fill the free time I have when I don't have my son. I am looking at lots of different things but want to choose something that I get something out of too.

I am sorry to hear what you are going through, but you are not alone.


Thanks. It's reassuring. Hope things work out for you


Toxic people are a major cause of anxiety, they dump their own inadequacies onto others. The best solution to this is to cut them out of your life if you can.

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Thanks. I actually feel like saying that they are treating someone with mental illness unfair and are bullying me. I'm looking into voluntary work else where but at the same time I can't runaway each time things get tricky. Thanks for your lovely reply


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