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Hi has anybody had the feeling that they can't settle in there job? Don't no what to do I have had lots of jobs but still feel down? Help

Hi has anybody had the feeling that they can't settle in there job? My anxiety started in June last year. I thought it was my job causing it so I left. I have had several jobs since then and still feel the same why do. I keep jumping job maybe I'm looking for happeniess what do I do I feel all over the place and really confused as what to do for the best? Is this what anxiety/ depression makes you do?

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I've just started Sixth Form and it's making me even more stressed and anxious, even though I've barely had much work to do, and was thinking about dropping out. My senior tutor advised I take a week out from today and maybe have less periods on my timetable. I think it's probably connected with anxiety and depression, hopefully you'll find a job you feel comfortable at. If all of your jobs are pretty similar maybe you should try a different career path or take?


Hi White

I was in the same Situation

in May this year.i left work cause was too stressful I spent one of the most horrible summer of my life..but with therapy and medication I could see lots of progresses in general in my life..after that I found a new job.i still got few days at times when I m really panicky but I m ok overal even i m still an anxious person,I wonder if u see any progress with your issues??or the problem is really the job?


Hiya White

In a nutshell;

I did the same i have had problems with anxiety/depression since my late teens but i kinda coasted along until 2006 when i really began struggling with it, i too couldnt understand why i felt so bad and out of control all of a sudden and so I blamed it on my job and left, and then for years i repeated the same pattern, I got jobs still struggled with anxiety and left.....this impacted my anxiety of course because i felt bad and disappointed for leaving work ect. I then realised that I had become 90% aviodant of all social situations so work was harder become i would go from being completly alone to a work environment which is kinda like think ya a pro swimmer coz you paddled in the ocean lol aint gonna work.

So now i dont work and I am working on getting confident again with simple things like going into the supermarket or any other social area ALONE, and then i will hopefully head back to work!

This is what works for me and im not saying quit your job...just trying to let you know you are def not alone in this and for some ppl anxiety and deppression does make work life very hard...! Have you seen anyone to help you with your anxiety? xx


I'm exactly the same and I think it's the reason why I'm now unemployed. I have tried many different things, even going back to college. I do think if I had control over my anxiety I would feel happier within myself and may settle better in a job. It's very possible the anxiety is causing this.


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