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were do i go now?

Discharged in 2008 from psychiatrist, psychologist and CPN, CPN I had for 3 yrs, every 2 weeks, no alternative help advised. Many different reasons for discharge. Diagnosis of bipolar and BPD as well as many other issues, all these I no longer have ............apparently.

My GP re-refered me 4 times, advocate also re-refered me as well as a social worker AS WELL AS MYSELF, no joy. Went to ombudsman a later the results were he sided with the MHT. Had 2nd opinion this yr gave me my diagnosis back. MHT still wont see me.

were can i go now other than my MP as already involved I need sum help desperately.

Thank you


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Have you tried approaching a MH solicitor or one of the MH charities such as rethink or Mind? I know rethink have an advice line, pretty sure Mind do but without looking couldn't say for definite.


Hi, there - I was going to suggest the same thing, although if it's gone to the ombudsman you've obviously fought your corner very hard, Cheekipixi! You could also try the Patient Association - that's not specifically for MH problems but designed to help all patients get the right treatment from the NHS.

Strikes me the MHT are failing in their statutory responsibilities in NOT offering you treatment. You say your MP is involved - i think that might be the way to go, the NHS HATES politicians getting involved - I know, I used to work in it! ;) If you do contact your MP, copy any letter/email to the Secretary of State for Health, so they know you mean business. You said you had an advocate - if you don't still have one, pretty sure MIND offer that service - if they can't help, your local CAB should be able to put you in touch with an advocacy service.

If I can help any more, i'll have a think about it - or PM me if you like.

Good luck!

Rose xxx


thank you both very much.

I did go to a very good solicitor, he said I had been treated very badly and said he would take on my case, then the legal aid law changed and he informed me he could no longer help me.

I do have an advocate yes, he was with me for 4 yrs and he was the one the advised me to complain in the 1st place, unfortunately he has now retired, he does have a replacement but the thought of explaining everything to her is now in my pending tray lol

I really dont think any1 has looked at my complaint properly, it was about an inch thick but it was all proof that what i was saying was right, the MHT have now got it down on my file that they contacted social services because they had a concern over my son when in fact it was the social worker who sent in a referral at my request, she said she has looked and there has not been a concern put in by the MHT and I have that in an e-mail, plain as day, and no0one has picked this up, even after me spelling it out, how can a diagnosis of bipolar, BPD etc a lifetime of self harm and suicide attempts suddenly turn into parenting problems, my 12 yr old has severe ADHD, ODD learning difficulties, dyslexia and severe behavioural problems and as I am his carer i requested an assessment done by social services in this assessment it clearly states that I am a dedicated carer that has researched into his illness and from what she has seen I am a very capable and loveing parent/carer, so to be blunt the MHT have lied and are getting away with it again. I say again because my GP let it slip that another patient of his has requested to go to another MHT in a different area, so its not just happening to me.

Its not right.

Thank you



Email you MP, love, you should not be treated like this! Go to:

Hope this helps

Rose xxxx


ok. oh thank you so much xxx

ill keep u up dated if you like, it may just help sum1 else in a similar situation.

thx again



Hi All,

Just a little update:-

5yrs since my discharge and im no nearer getting help than i was then. I asked my advocate to write to the County Manager of the Mental Health Team. His answer was:-

1/ I have coped up to now without help so i may as well continue like i am

2/ I may be offered an assessment (but with the team that lied about me) my suggestion of a different mental health team was a 'no go' as it was a few more miles away than the 1 i used to use. How pathetic of an excuse.

3/ Being anxious doesnt warrant long term support

1stly I have managed, very poorly i may add and because of that i have become much worse, i hold it together as much as possible until the cjildren go to bed then i fall apart, nobody sees that only me. I have been driving for 22 yrs so what does distance matter???. Anxious>.............OMG! right, if i go to bed, i dont sleep, so i spend the nights, wandering around the house, thinking and thinking and thinking until my head feels like it will explode, then children to school, I either get there far too early or too late as i cant cope with crowds, i then drive like a maniac to get home quick, once home, the front door is locked, curtains drawn, and i will stay there not opening the door or answering the phone until its time to pick up from school again, were im late to avoid the crowds. I dont socialise, i have no friends or family and i wont go into my back garden as it is over looked. My quality of life is nil, i have nothing to look forward to and bad bad memories to look back on.

This man is sick and should not be in charge of the 'COUNTYS' sick people with mental health problems.

Next stop MP's most definately.

Ill keep you posted



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