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Our Behavior is Driven by our Sub-conscious Mind

We do certain things out of conscious mind, whereas most of our actions are dependent on the subconscious mind.

They are like reflex action in some ways, but different in many ways. In case of physical reflex action, there is some action or disturbance in or around you, and before you know or you realize it, your body reacts to the disturbance.

But immediately after the reflex action, you know how your body has reacted.

However in case of subconscious behavior or the mental reflex action, most often, our conscious mind is not even aware that we have reacted to certain sub conscious stimuli.

It is said that the conscious mind is logical, analytical. Subconscious mind is illogical. And since most of our behavior is governed by the subconscious mind, you can imagine what will be the outcome.

In panic or anxiety, we believe what we have done or not done has now caused our panic so we avoid this conciously, however our subconcious kicks in and once again before we know this is maimed in the subconcience so of it starts again.

This is why we have to focus more and if our attack takes over then go with the flow, not easy, get into the breathing, not easy, think of something nice, again not easy but with practise this will happen until eventually we will not see fear with panic and immediately our subconcious mind will automatically go into the deep breathing and calming down.

This will not be an easy task to carry out but practise makes perfect so they say and i think i am a good example of all of this. I have retrained my thinking and it really does work. It takes time but we can do it. Well lets face it we managed to continue life suffering the symptoms so im sure we can spend time now correcting our mind and subduing the symptoms

Why not give it a try and see what you all think. Some feedback on this would be great.

Thanks all and good luck. xx

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I totally agree with what you say. Our subconscious just does what it is told, it believes everything we do. If we think negative thoughts or if we tell it we have a pain, it believes and gives us that pain.

When we are in our yoga class, we practice yoga nidra, a relaxation technique, then we plant a suggestion into our subconscious. i.e. I am becoming stronger, less anxious, etc. and hopefully our subconscious believes us and acts upon it.

As you say it isn't easy to think good thoughts and control our breathing etc. but practise is the key control here, even when we have good days we should practise.


Yes everything i wrote may just enlighted a few people so they do not panic too much, well i hope it helps a lot of people as it did me. It is our subconcious that does it to us. Mind over matter is the key word for us i think.

I use to do Yoga and wow i loved it, that really is a good thing to take up. I have a book at home and only the other week was thinking of getting it back out and starting again and now i think i will.

Hope your doing ok. Keep up the good work. xxx


That was very helpful untitled, I will practise the breathing more during everyday situ's. My mind keeps telling me you can only do that when in a quiet , calm, comfortable position. I must admit I start off with all good intentions during panic and try deep breathing but soon stop. I have a new determination now xx


Yes please do try it, it will help. If at first you struggle to do this breathing at home, just do what you can when you can but i would also try and practise it in a brown paper bag to get your oxygen level and carbon dioxide level equal, we do need 50% of each and when our oxygen levels rise we go into this hyperventilation state. So good luck with it and i do hope somewhere somehow it will help. xxx


Hi Ellabella,

I think we all feel we can only do deep breathing etc. when calm, but if we practise when we are stressed, or in a situation when we are panicking, it should automatically, eventually, kick in without practising. Deep breathing has helped me immensely through anxiety, depression and sleepless nights.

Good luck to you


I have recently read a book called "the secret" and this is basically about what you give out you get back, the law of attraction. What it says is if you give out negative thoughts this is what you will get back, so we have to think positive, try not to worry too much or over think things.

It is the over thinking/ruminating on things I find difficult. My mind just goes over and over everything all of the time and this then makes me feel shaky and panicky and like I am going to have another panic attack. I feel like I am always at fault to blame when things go wrong and that I am not good enough. I hate feeling like this and am trying all sorts of methods. One day I can be fine the next a total mess. I am trying to control my thoughts, as I do not want the anxiety to win and if I give into it then it has and I will live my whole life never doing anything and grow old always having the "what ifs" and that is something I cannot settle for.

I have dreams I want to achieve and my anxiety is controlling me so much I end up not following through on those dreams. Mornings are the worst, as I wake up feeling shaky. I want a normal life where I can do the things I want and have a good relationship and I know I have to control this to have that.

Emma aka Wildmage


I completely agree with this - the subconscious mind simply follows directions - it does not know right from wrong. Therefore, we need to consciously be aware of what messages we are sending to our subconscious. Here is some additional information we put together on the Subconscious Mind that you may find interesting:


Thank You for Sharing!


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