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so lonely and depressed

I wrote a blog yesterday telling everyone abut my situation with my alcohol dependant partner and how the other night i snpped and hit him.

Last night he decided to leave me cause he cant cope with getting grief anymore, i am so upset and lonely and now he has turned alot of people against me.I feel so low and upset all i have ever done is give him my everything. if we argue it is all about his drinking their is no other problem starter in our relationship.

I just wish everyone would stop taking him by the hand and make him realise he has a loving family and the way he goes on isn't the answer

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Hi Doks,

I understand what it is like to have troubles with the one you love. I very much hope that you have now reached the darkest point and that things from now on start to move in the right direction.

Very best wishes.



Hi doks

Hi i have just split up with my partner and i know how you feel, only for me its the other way round as i am the one with the mental illness and we have gone through so much crap together but instead of growing closer it has just driven us apart, i tried to commit sucide, ive hit him and am constantly on a downer cus i just dont know how to act around him anymore and am fed up of feeling constantly on edge and anxious incase i do the wrong thing, i realised on the weekend that i will never get better staying with him as i carry so much guilt for what i ve put him through, so i ended it again. i have lost friends and family to stay with him as they cud not understand why i wanted to stay with someone who cud not give me the emotional support i needed but i loved him.

I am totally alone even when we are having good times but i know i cant be the girlfriend he deserves and he cant be the boyfriend i deserve even though we love each other to death.

sometimes no matter how much u love someone you have to let them go to find their own path and ppl with any illness sometimes need to go off to get sorted, i know i cant sort myself out whilst i stay with him as it just makes us both miserable.

you have to stay strong no matter what happens and i hope u realise you are not alone in this.

sorry to have rambled but needed to get it off my chest.

always up for a chat if you need someone

take care



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