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New meds

Hi finally managed to get through to my doc that citalopram was not helping me one bit been on 40mg for at least 5 months anxiety getting worse used to take paroxatine for 10years but it started to lose it effect he tried me on all sorts all making me feel worse then we have know decided on Cymbalta 3 days in slight problem with sleeping not jumping the gun but anxiety feels a little less cut right down on diazepam so time will tell watch this space ( if anyone has been on this antidepressant be interested to hear on 30mg ) other name is duloxetine

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hi meadow i havent heard of this 1, i find the citalopram fine for me. its not nice when you have to keep changing meds, be careful with the diazepam its very addictive then the symptoms are worse when being weaned off it than what you started with. i have lorazepam, i used to take just half when things got too bad, now i only have a quarter when i need it & i havent had to have any for about the last 3 months so things are going well at the moment. im trying not to think about if i have a setback.just trying to stay positive.xx


hubby takes this and it works quite well apart from weight gain.. he is quite stable on it


Hi Meadow!

It is difficult being on meds and the time that they take to kick in. I have not heard of your one but I am on 100 mg of Sertraline and have Diazepan as a back up. I have been taking for around the same time as you and although my moods are better and i sleep well, i don't feel that i am getting better. I have told my GP and I may have to take a stronger drug deal with the depression and anxiety. If you feel that things are not working at anytime, just make sure that the DR does something about it, like you did last time, after all it is not them that have to deal with this everyday...more or less.

Also try and be positive when things are nnot good, it is difficult but try and change your patterns, such go for a walk or go somewhere nice...something that you enjoy but are not doing because of the way you feel.

All the best,

Pccogni ;-)


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