I literally dragged myself out for a 20 minute slow run. I was nervous about people looking at me so I started run down a quiet road. By the time I'd reached a busier road I was concentrating on my breathing and my knackered legs so much I forgot about anyone seeing me. When I'm anxious I can feel the adrenaline rushing through me so I think running will help to use some of that excess adrenaline up. Hopefully!

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  • Well done! I definitely feel more relaxed, less jittery, after some form of exercise. If I could just keep it up. Maybe there is a cure to anxiety in it.....

  • I agree. When I'm not anxious I don't get negative thoughts or I'm able to switch them off or deal with them. Think I'm going to plan runs on calendar then I might stick to them!

  • I can't run to save my life these days, there was a time I was like Forrest Gump, I can't blame that on anxiety tho! I have been trying to cycle more, not too far from home in case my anxiety tells me I'm going to have a heart attack :) stupid bloody thing!! Think I'll join you and pencil in going out on my bike more often.

  • Excellent, let me know how you get on. And tell that anxiety moms you are not going to have a heart attack. Don't let it tell you what to do!

  • That's great Duckula, I used to run regularly, but my problems got the better of me and i stopped. I ran up round the village at the weekend just to see if i could do it and i could to my surprise! It really does give you a boost emotionally, i'd recommend running for confidence building and self esteem. I'm thinking of buying a bike, must be the olympic Wiggins mania!

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