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Not been around for a while (reasons, doctors and a tip to help people)

I haven't been around here for a while, my anxiety started easing up until last Monday when my life crashed around me. My best fried/ex told me he didn't want to see me any more but could still text, email, FB and the occasional call... So then my anxiety got the better of me, started slipping back into my depression and ended up hating everything around me. Couldn't look after myself. I didn't shower for a week, was eating once a day and basically stayed in bed as much as possible.

So yea, I eventually decided I do need to go back to my doctors, and got put on Lofepramine 70mg twice a day. Was on them before and they helped, only issue is I got them yesterday and I know they will make me feel worse before I get better. The side effects are bothering me slightly but I'm hoping I get used to them because I know these tablets work for me. My side effects are heart racing, sweating and weakness at the minute. They are making my anxiety worse but over time they will help so persevering.

Have to tell the Job centre today about them, which I'm scared about. I hate telling people about it, it makes me feel weak. Even at the doctors I couldn't find the right words to say so ended up writing a note.

Was on a website the other day though and came across something they titled "The 'Uh-Oh' Box". It's basically where you put everything you could use to help distract you from how you are feeling. It was on a self harm website so it was used in the context of distraction from the urge to self harm. But it could be used in the context of on here as a distraction from the anxiety. I plan to make one but put in things for self harm and my anxiety and possibly put labels if they will only work for one thing. Going to tidy my room tomorrow then make this box because right now I could really use it. I'll post a picture of mine when its made :)

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HI CHOLEFER sorry to hear you have not been well you did the right going to doctor and you know what to expect with the meds they got you well before so before you know it you will be on the road to recovery good luck and the box sounds good i always look at photos x


Thank you :) I made the box I just have no way of getting the photos off my phone currently, but as soon as I see my sister I will ask for my phone cable :) x


Hi Chloefer :) sorry to hear about your weekend, I hope things improve for you soon. Just remember you're not weak, simply by coming onto this site and telling others about what you're going through can be really hard and it takes strength! Looking forward to seeing the uh-oh box, sounds like a great idea!!


Thanks, I appreciate it. Photos will be up asap, having phone issues :) x


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