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feel really really sick

At the moment i am currently panicking about going to work. its the worst i have ever been my heart is racing so fast, my throat feels tight, i feel dizzy and sick. had a horrible week at work last week really getting fed up of it now. i have got a doctors appointment for tonight so worrying about that aswell. im just hoping the day goes very fast.

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Stay strong know how you feel x


Hi Tash. I hope you feel better. I feel like this all of the time when I go to work because I relaly don't want to do what I am doing.

Does work seem to be the main cause of your stress and anxiety? Can you look into other areas of work and other jobs?



I know where you are coming from, could not get into work today as I felt exactly how you describe. Be strong, keep your appointment with your doctor and accept whatever they offer, that's what I plan to do myself later on, I have tried to cope on my own for too long and now realise I can't do it anymore. Good luck xx


Thank you everyone. Today was actually alright once i got settled in to work which i think i shocked myself as wasnt expecting to feel like that.had awful week last week at work felt anxious the whole time and also over the weekend. I think work is probably my main cause of anxiety and would love a new job as my hours have been cut loads. But theres the anxiety and worry of actually getting a new job and there arent many jobs about. Well i went to the doctors and after a horrible half an hour wait finally got to see my doctor. She was very understanding and put me on citalopram. At the moment i cant sleep, feel really sick and strange feeling. Think these must be side effects just hope they go away soon as there is no way i can work like this.

How did everyone elses day go? how did you get on at the doctors Missymoo ?


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