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Another day in another world

That's how it seemed. When I wasn't totally engrossed in something.

By 'totally' I mean so totally that meant giving it 100% attention. Trouble being, as soon as I broke off, the flood of anxiety/catastophising was overwhelming and the dizziness kicked in together with a weird feeling that I wasn't part of this world. I'm sure there's a word for it - something like 'disassociation'. Today, moreso than over the past six months, I've been getting this weird sensation when I observe somebody - could be anybody - I think 'Wow, they have two eyes, a nose, a mouth and a head shaped head'. And it fascinates me. I know that I too have these attributes, but it's as if it's the first time I've seen a human - and I'm amazed at them because they're special - compared to me. This must sound really off-the-wall to most people, and frankly, I feel that it is whilst at the same time trying to tell myself 'It's because........ and it'll get better one day..... hopefully'.

Writing this reminded me of a song titled 'You're amazing'. Lyrics go:-

Ain't no doubt about it, you're a masterpiece

You're amazing

Adrift at sea'til I saw your face

It's amazing

Anybodys guess - now it's guaranteed

Sent to seventh heaven in my hour of need

Baby baby baby you're amazing

Taken by surprise

Don't waste time tryin'to explain it

Can't believe my eyes

Kind of apt - but I think I can resist the temptation to start singing!!

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Hi you will get better, it takes time. We all think that we are the only person who suffers from this. I have had it since the age of 12 and every time I got better. I am taking sertraline and this helps, Please hang in there it does get better.


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