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Well didnt sleep again last night despite taking a sleeping tablet.Managed to go to work and was pleased with myself I managed to get through and awful attack,was left somewhat shakey but got through it.Have ordered some rescue remedy spray and going to try that instead of going for the Diazapam and see if it calms me down.Hate anxiety with a passion but have learnt a lot of tips from here thanks to you all.Heres hoping to a good nights sleep tonight and I hope you are all well Sharon x

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Thats great then that you managed to get through an attack. Hope you sleep better tonight


Thank you so do i feel so tired could just go to bed now but too early x


Well done for going to work,ive been off work for months. I took a diazepam last night. They never help me sleep but nice during the day. Always remember you are not alone. We'll all fight this together. :)


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