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Magnesium supplement for anxiety and depression

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Does anybody here have experience with Magnesium Glycinate by Doctor's Best? I have been experiencing withdrawal symptoms from Mirtazipine (I take half a pill 7.5mg every 5 days) for the past 6 months and unable to completely go off on this. I feel like my anxiety is gradually becoming depression. I am less sensitive to my body, not much emotion (emotion bluntness). I have read many good reviews about this supplement supporting anxiety and depression so appreciate if you can share your experience if you happen to have tried it.

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Hi Daisy, yes I've taken this supplement and it can help with anxiety, if I've had alot of stress and anxiety for a long period of time then Ur magnesium levels will be lower then normal .. check out Carolyn Deans book the magnesium miracle, it's probably on YouTube!! You may be better trying ionic magnesium which is a liquid which will absorb better! Magnesium flakes in the bath also a good idea!!

I take it at night along with ashwagandha, phosphatidyl serine and melatonin to aid in lowering cortisol and anxiety to aid in sleeping, works great.

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