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Chest pain making my anxiety worse please anyone to chat

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I went to doctors Monday over my chest as it’s sore across and by left boob they done all checks said seems like viral or musclier since then it’s not gone and I just can’t seem to switch off my health anxiety through the roof I hate this please help anyone

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Hi Saz, try and relax, take assurance from the fact your doctor isn’t concerned. If it was something more sinister then they would have enquired further.

How long has this been bothering you? For instance I had soreness across my chest for months during 2021. My physical therapist gave me a series of chest stretches and after a month the soreness stopped. Apparently I was hunching forward while working at my computer.

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Saz12345 in reply to DizzyHead1

Thankyou I am trying but my anxiety is going so bad again today coz I got a sharp pain in my chest then it went it’s a visions circle x

Hi, it’s horrible when health anxiety kicks in isn’t it, I’m fed up with it! I’ve been very similar today chests sore and it’s been niggling away at me all day! Taken my mind off it as best I can but every time I sit to relax there it is again 😩 How are you feeling now? Try and distract yourself from the pain, maybe reading or television, whatever your into really, and try and relax abit that you’ve seen the doctor and been checked over

Hope your feeling better x

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Saz12345 in reply to dizzychar

It eased off abit but I was sat before and I got a sharp pain in the left side of my chest after a few minutes it stopped but now my anxiety is going mad 😭😭I hate this so much am worried it’s my heart again xxx

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