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Health anxiety

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Continuing health anxiety issues. Waiting for a call from the GP

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I know how you feel.

I also know how you feel mines through the roof too

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Maisie1 in reply to Natsteveo

Spoke to the GP initially reassured but it doesn’t last. I’m am sure you know the feeling

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Natsteveo in reply to Maisie1

I 100% do babes it always shifts to another area or fear after I’m the same at the minute I’ve had pain in my lower back and it’s gone right up on both sides where my lungs are so I’m thinking the absolute worst as we do I’m only a message away if ya need a chat

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Maisie1 in reply to Natsteveo

Just takes over my life

Now the GPS are seeing patients face to face make appointment like I did and I saw GP first time since befor Lockdown yesterday. The GP was wonderful and spent 20 minutes getting me sorted on a new anti depressent. Take care x

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