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I hope everyone is doing ok .. I still keep waking up and my heart is going so fast like I just only fell asleep and woke up 10 mins later screaming I can’t breathe jumping up and down cos my heart was going so fast then it felt like it wasn’t beating right like fluttering all over the place .. it’s like when I wake up I feel like I am confused like am I dreaming or is this real , but why does this keep happening like I’m sitting here right now worrying to try shut off in case it happens again. It’s slowed down abit now I was so tempered to go Hosptial but the person in my house said it’s just anxiety I was like it’s different this time they say u say that every time. It’s like every time I this feeling it’s always different somehow I just so scared

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Kaayla, I had this sensation and it was a panic attack. IfvI wee you, I'd contact my physician to be on the safe side. For me, I do slow deep breathing, muscle tension relaxation, and visualization when stuff like this happens when I drop off to sleep, and it helps me a lot. My thoughts and prayers 🙏 are with you. (((Kaayka))), Leon

Hi ChavivLeon, do you suffer from this offence my son has just been put on olanzapine for anxiety and obsessive thinking which the med seems to be working but now this which he hate he's thinking of coming off the olanzapine it's like jumping out if the frying pan into the fire taking new meds sometimes.

Not often but when it happens, I have a very effective slow deep breathing, muscle tension relaxation, and visualization technique that I use. Thank God for this because my meds for anxiety and depression weren't working, and I hate taking drugs that change my mood. So my therapist and I decided I'd try to do it "solo" without meds and thank God I'm doing fine now. Does your son do any such techniques? My son has ADHD and uses this method and it helps him a lot. I'd be glad to share this with anyone who needs something to alleviate these things. Best wishes, Leon

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Kaaayla in reply to ChavivLeon

Hi it’s awful ain’t it! Iv just woken up AGAIN with racing heart!!! Feel like I’m going to die I don’t understand why it’s doing this

Hi Kaaayla, sorry to hear you are still going through this, I have been having the same symptoms for a few weeks. I possibly sleep for 2 hours then wake just as you describe, heart pounding sweating and shaking.When I eventually go back to sleep it happens again in fact last night it happened 3 times and today I feel really drained.

Like you I feel very frightened when this happens at night time, but I do feel they are panic attacks I just don’t know how to stop them happening I wish I had the answer so I could help you and many more people that are suffering also.

This is a horrible way to live scared to go to sleep in case it happens again tonight. Keep in touch.

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Kaaayla in reply to annee67

Yeah it keeps happening to me waking up heart racing get really agitated and scared it’s just happened to me again! I just wanna feel not scared anymore. Thinking I’m going to die. I hope ur all well x

Dearest Kaaayla, I remember going through those terrifying nights of waking up not being able to breathe. I too would jump up and down and more than that, I would run down the

stairs to the front door, open it in a panic and breathe in the fresh air. I'd then go back

to bed and hope that it didn't happen again.

The fear that overwhelms us tightens the diaphragm, our solar plexus and just as we fall

asleep and our body starts to relax, we are woken up in a state of panic.

This is caused by high anxiety on the extreme side. Dr. Claire Weekes' book on

"Hope & Help for Your Nerves" will explain in detail what is happening and how now

to add fuel to the fire by fearing it but allowing it to pass.

Kaaayla, how is your mother? You both are in my thoughts and my heart :) xx

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Kaaayla in reply to Agora1

Hello agora hope all is ok with u .. so sorry u have been through this aswell I just want it to stop I dunno how I’m going to stop waking with heart racing

Also mum it’s still here fighting another day. Strongest person ever!! Hopefully see you soon x

Get a sleep study test. It may be that you quit breathing in your sleep.

It can be very scary Trust me I’ve been through that . It’s a process and yes it’s always diffrent with health anxiety

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