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Just a good memory


Feel like sharing

I am missing nature

This is my youngest son behind our friends house ... we took trails to a creek... fun times

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That is beautiful! Nature sure is amazing :) thanks for sharing!

This photo is beautiful. I love being outside. 😊

This looks a fairytale garden. I could sit there for days

Starrlight in reply to Iammesues

Yeah me too


Hello :-)

Beautiful picture :-)

I hope it is not long till you can get back to nature soon :-)

Take Care x

Starrlight in reply to Hidden

Awwww 🥰 Lulu!!!! It’s so good to ‘read you’ I think I’ll go out to nature tomorrow

Hidden in reply to Starrlight

Sounds perfect :-) x

Starrlight in reply to Hidden


Hi my friend,WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your photo is simply exquisite!!! Thanks so much for sharing it!!!

Nature provides meaningful answers to so many questions I have...your son is adorable!

Starrlight in reply to sophie4

Very wise Sophie you’re right nature does have the answers!

And if you look closely you discover even more answers!! Nature can be defined in many ways....there's not very much nature where I live, but there is some nature that I'm so thankful for having here. I search and discover!!!!😀(I clicked on several emogies but nothing shows).

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