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New and scared


1 week into this, it happened on a Saturday at noon I was trying to eat some food and it just came over me it was like my insides are shaking I didn’t feel like myself I talk to two doctors on call and finally 8 o’clock at night I went to the ER where they gave me lorazepam to calm me down they said I Had anxiety or a panic attack. in my 40 years I’ve never had anything like it they sent me home with medicine that made me so tired Monday morning I went to a doctor bawling my eyes out he gave me a different medicine to make me Not so tired. the second day I felt good I didn’t take it I was my normal self then today I had to take another one of them to calm me down Same feeling shaking inside and crying. Have an appointment to talk to a therapist in about eight days I ran a high stress job for 16 years and never had anything like this like But in May I quit my job moved Colorado to be a stay at home mom to my boyfriends kids then we moved to a different city I became sick with Covid ( I’m doing fine ) but now I have these issues of feeling of shaking in inside and feeling not my normal i’ve had bloodwork urine EKG everything is normal. I feel alone and scared anyone else like me ?😍😍

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Hi Colorado2, Ironic isn't it? that after quitting your high stress job, you experience

high anxiety. And that's what it truly sounds like. A lot has to do with the changes in

your life plus having gotten sick with Covid. Changes are stressful until you get adapted

to your new environment and situation. However with what's all around us in this day, many people who have never experienced anxiety/depression are scared out of their wits

as to what is happening to them.

Our over sensitized nervous system is kicking in, high gear. High levels of adrenaline making our insides shake uncontrollably.... we may jump to the idea that it's a catastrophic illness, but it's not. It's anxiety putting that negative thought in our mind and with that

the physical symptoms follow. Medication works but at times, so well that we can't function because of the tiredness it gives us.

Therapy is a good tool in allowing you to rid yourself of the fear, find different ways to

get back on the right path as well as accepting what we have no control over.

I'd like to Welcome you to this support forum...that was a positive step forward that you took. Knowing that you are not alone will help pull you through until your therapist appointment. Meanwhile, we are here for you new friend, just a message away. :) xx

Colorado2 in reply to Agora1

Thank you so much your words it brought tears to my eyes. To know that I’m not alone and not nuts

I've been where you are and its not permanent. I believe you got run down and is the cause of your nerves being sensitized. The next step is that you feared the symptoms.. fear keeps the anxiety going. I cured my bad nerves by taking Vitamins B6 and B12 , so simple. Most people are low in the B vitamins which help keep the nerves strong. Don't fear the symptoms, float through them they won't hurt you may be somewhat uncomfortable but will cease when you get them healed with vitamins.

Also recommend a daily vitamin. Most important is stop worrying!

Get the " so what" attitudes say this outloud to yourself when you worry. Any saying like " fu--ck it" will work. Get positive in your thinking. I hope this helps will get over this and get back to being the strong you.

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