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Heightened anxiety when it’s hot


Hi, just wondering if anyone else’s anxiety/panic is worse when it’s hot out?

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Oh definitely. My anxiety always increases whenever a heatwave arrives. You're not alone on this one. I think its because, when its hot, your body works hard to keep yourself cool hence all the sweating which in turn causes an increase in anxiety.

Hello :-)

I struggle in the heat especially when it gets way to hot like the last couple of days have been , it makes me feel anxious and like I cannot breath

But I am typically a true Brit as I moan when it is to cold as well but the cold does not make me feel anxious I just moan :-)

Take Care x

Absolutely yes...I function much better in the autumn/winter months

Thank you all for your replies. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one. I much prefer the colder seasons

Glad I came across your post. Iv dreaded the hot weather returning. I always feel poorly. My limbs aching again, headache, and anxiety is high at the moment. I get the same with Anxiety when abroad on holiday too .

Lucky- in reply to Heidi1066

I can relate to you so much, I’ve never been abroad to a hot country for this exact reason I’d never cope.

For me its the sweats . Deciding whether its the heat the anxiety or the virus. Winds me up a treat

My anxiety is always worse when it is hot, my shortness of breath is more troublesome (I have copd/emphysema) which of course brings on the anxiety which is high at the moment because of the virus.

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