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What can this be?

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I’m curious to know what this can be I get it nearly everyday anywhere on my arms it doesn’t itch or burn or anything it just comes for like 10 or 20 minutes an disappears it goes on my arms an sometimes arms an it seems to be when I’m mostly in my room I’m so confused to what it is any ideas?

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It looks like a bit of a heat rash or allergic reaction

My mum thinks I’m allergic to the fluffy fleece blanket😂

Bless her us mums eh 😂 put anti septic cream on it or take anti allergy pills see if it shifts


It looks like prickly heat .. i had it on my arms and hands two weeks ago. Could be an allergy .. but does look like prickly heat rash

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Looks abit like a heat rash


This happens to me as well not sure what it is but I’ve been getting plenty bloodwork done .

What soap do you use when showering ?

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Whatever’s in the shower mate haha I think I’m getting an allergic reaction to something in my room I’m just not certain what it is yet, thanks for you the comment tho!👍🏼

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