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Will alchol and going out worsen anxiety


Worried about drinking over Christmas due to severe anxiety

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hi if you go overboard it will.dont think you have to drink most of the festive period just because others will be.i used to years ago but it fizzled out for me now I will only have a drink every couple of weeks and try and keep it normal.

Iya thanks for reply..I don't drink but like to go out nye..but ime so worried as ime slight agrophobic and my anxiety is sayin if I go out Ile drop dead or be seriously poorly..I just wanna enjoy 1 night

space out your drinks maybe have an alcohol drink followed by a non alcohol drink reducing your chances of getting to drunk.

The probolem is how ime gonna feel whilst out as I don't like being away from home this gives me panic attacks..I can't win either way..stay sober = panic drunk = panic ..

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Hi Bigbrook, having been Agoraphobic myself for 5 years where

I never left my home, I will tell you that alcohol is not going to help.

If you have a prescription for benzo that might allow you to relax

enough to step out for a while, that could be an option. However,

do not under any circumstances have alcohol if a benzo is present

in your system.

I am no longer agoraphobic but that's because I use meditation and

deep breathing daily. It may not be possible for you to achieve

that goal within a few days. Talk with your therapist or doctor in

what they may suggest. I feel for you because I know what it was

like in missing all the things I so wanted to go to but was afraid

of the "what ifs" (by the way, which never happened)

Let me know what you decide to do. More power to you if you

go and enjoy being with friends/family. Stay safe. :) xx

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Thank u so much ..no ime on no meds at all ..was on sertraline but made me worse and diazipam doc won't prescribe. So glad ur free from this hell..Yea I really wanna go get drunk but imeterrified ..even tho the pub is litteraly 5 mins away..but I think wot if sumthings happen ..hospital is 20 mins away x

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You sound so much like myself during my time with agoraphobia.

I knew where every hospital or fire station was located when I went

out. You will get to a good place yourself when the time is right for

you. It's got to be on your terms when you have the time to devote

to practicing what works for you best.

You are certainly in the right place on this forum. You are not alone

there are many of us who have gone through or are going through

agoraphobia. Life shouldn't have to be a prison sentence. We're

here to support you through this. One step at a time. Remember

we are only a message away should you decide to go and need a

little encouragement. :) xx

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❤ ime currently having back pain ..so I've got oximeter on my finger to check oxygen level..cause I think I have blood clot😣 wish life wasn't so tough.again thank u xx

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Feel better soon my friend. Follow up with your doctor

if it continues :) xx

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i need to practice meditation and deep breathing. can you elaborate more on that? never done it or know how to really or for how long. would like some insight on a proper way to incorporate this daily.

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Hi Blake, I'd be more than happy to share the success I've had in using meditation

and deep breathing. Also put in there, Mindfulness, which is bringing you back to

living in the present moment. My go to has been "YouTube" over the years. You

will eventually find your favorites and what works best for you. The key to success

is using it upon awakening, mid day and again before bedtime. Practice makes

perfect until you get to the point where w/o even thinking your body and mind

will slow down automatically whenever in a tense situation.

Three videos that can start you off on YouTube are short. It will help keep you

focused better.

"Sinking & Slowing Breathing Meditation" by Quiet Mind Café

"Mindfulness - 3 min Meditation" by the Honest Guys

"Release Fear Meditation" 1 min. by Jason Stephenson

Namaste my friend :) xx

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Hello Bigbrook

I can really recommend a book called The Dare Response by Barry McDonnagh

I have found it very good at reassuring me that I won't pass out or anything serious will happen

Good luck

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Thank u❤

It depends on the person, don’t overdo it and have one or even two and don’t drive, you may feel relaxed and have fun , but while your out , don’t look for that anxiety , just enjoy

I just read they are checking your oxygen level, so don’t drink till that test is over and they give you the all clear , once the doc tells you your fine , your symptoms will subside

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Hi thanks for reply..no I mean I keep checking my oxygen..this is how bad I am..I have oximeter..blood pressure monitor and check my vital signs always xx

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Don’t , because you just make yourself more anxious. And when you keep doing that your body goes in anxiety mode as your waiting for the results. Try and just put it away

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I don't do it all time not had a drink for a long time I just want a normal Xmas drink x

Believe me if u kp thinking that way u will mk uself I’ll try thinking positive even if it’s hard at first u will win this

My own personal thought on alcohol is it's not worth it. It's self medicating symptoms.

Go back to the md and see about starting something else. Start therapy if you aren't already in it. This will help with different coping skills.

Thank u..I don't drink usually I just want a night out new years eve with family to be "normal" and enjoy myself x

I know. I have anxiety and I get nervous about going to social events so I understand completely.

You know yourself. Do what you feel is best. But, for the long term you may think of talking to your md.

I hope you get to enjoy your time.

Merry Christmas 🎅🏻🌲

Thank you merry Christmas 🎅

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I think she just wanted to have a drink with friends , not self medicate. I would never suggest alcohol as medication.

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I understand that.

Hi.. i’m an example of that today. Have not drank for a while and went over board with red wine last night.

Today it has left me feeling low and anxious, even tearful.

I couldn’t be happy with just the one when we were out having a meal.. i came home and walked for a bottle of red.

Why do i do it when i know how it leaves me .. plus i’m not in right frame of mind to be having any alcohol .. had to many traumas this year which has left me anxious and low anyway.

Just have a couple if you do go .. or water them down with soda.

Awe sorry to hear this..ime more worried about freaking out in the pub..thinking Ile die x

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Learnt from my over indulgence of red wine last Sunday .. the effect it had on me the next day put me off it all week .. hate that anxious low feeling after alcohol .. General Anxiety is enough on its own to be battling with, without fighting the overindulgence of chemicals in my system. Moderation or nothing .. for me lol .. lesson learnt

It's more the going out sitting in a pub wot ime worried about as I don't like bein away from my home..so wondered will i still be anxious or will the beer block that x

with me it depends on the company i am with at the time .. i do get you .. i’m frightened to go on holiday abroad as i get panic attacks if i don’t feel comfortable and away from home .. the fear before going tiring alone !

i shouldn’t say this really as alcohol not the answer .. but what i do now is limit myself an early time to be home .. book your taxi in advance .. go out have a couple to relax knowing after couple hours you will be home ... i went out on a christmas meal and left quietly early after the meal without telling anyone .. just made an excuse i had to go early.

I don’t do until midnights or early hours now.

I know my limits when out with friends and look forward to coming home to a movie snuggled with my dog.

I tend to go over top when out with my husband because i feel safe .. lol .. that’s not good though as i feel the anxiety and low mood the next day after overindulgence of alcohol lol ! plus it’s not fair on my husband .. so i’m in middle of dealing with that .. monitoring my limits when i’m with him also ... time and alcohol volume .. couple glasses with meal them home ..

i wish you well

let us know how you got on

Thank u😍 yea I feel safe with my partner but I am just going to try enjoy myself I haven't had beer in so long and it's time I had 1 nite as the old care free me..and thanks I will let you all no how it goes merry Christmas xx

enjoy and Happy Christmas ! xx

drinking will worsen it.

Thank u for reply..I haven't had a drink in a longggg time so ime to giv it a shot ..I need to have 1 day wer ime me again..fun and not worrying x

then go ahead.

just when u start facing withdrawal, take another drink in smaller amount, and do this everytime u have withdrawal till is gone.

Yes I will go ahead..I was just asking for advice whilst out..it's a few drinks not a mad sesh..

enjoy .. i’m sure you are aware of how you will feel the next day if you overindulged .. remember and check my previous post on how i felt after over indulgence .. just a couple .. enjoy yourself and look after yourself and feel good the next day without indulgence ! x

Thank u xx

Hi everybody thank u all for ur support..well I had 2 archers and lemonade last night..I woke up feeling sick and shakey..so never again for me ..I've decided not to drink new years eve

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