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Hello again !

So i still been having a bit of a problem with my ears they just pop whenever i yawn or swallow or i have to fake yawn so i can get the relief of one of them popping no pain associated or anything i can hear perfectly fine its just a tad bit annoying and i told my sister to look in my ear with a flashlight she said i did have ear wax and it was kind of dark ! But it was to far in to get out ! And was also wondering if this is good to put in my ear , will it cause infections is it bad to use it i just get scared cause ever since i got an ear infection i been to scared to do anything to my ears :(

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If it’s just olive oil you should be fine, warm it slightly on a spoon over the cooker top (not too hot) and dip a small amount of cotton wool (large enough to sit in the opening of your ear but not too small or it’ll fall into your ear) and the leave it in for a few hours and it should help. Good luck!


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