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Really bad health anxiety

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Does anyone else cant get a break from thinking theres a million things wrong with yourself i hate it i get checked for one thing and then i get another symptom that starts to worry me alot

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Yup I get over one worry then find s new one

Ugh I have been going through this for about 30 years 😥. I hate it! I hope it gets better for you!

I have something major for about three months then get something else and it's an endless chain. I had a bad pain in my side and back for about 2 months, then I started to have a muscle spasm in my cheek for about three months, then I started to have a neck pain and weak shaking feeling in my neck and head (current obsession). It's exhausting.

Me too honey

My anxiety is over work. Similar to how each symptom leads to a new worry; each task or situation or possibility leads to more speculative worrying. Letting go is hard. Prayer bro.

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