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Sorry for bugging again

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Is it stress or tinnitus? I hear like sorta of an electric sound in my head not in my ears in my head it’s weird but i read it can be stress cause I literally convinced myself it’s tinnitus and i been depressed ever since it’s really taking a toll on me I barely eat and sleep but i force myself too . I need help im so scared and depressed:(

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You should really consider seeing a specialist for a proper diagnosis. What you're experiencing could be anything or nothing at all. If in fact it is tinnitus I can assure you it's not life threatening. Can it get worse over time? Yes but only if you continue to damage your ears with loud noises and poor treatment. I'm 37 and I've been living with tinnitus since i was 13. Reason being do to loud music. I caused damage to the internal workings in my ear. Was it driving me nuts throughout my early life yes absolutely. But now i barely even notice it to the point that i even forget i have it. It's like my mind has been trained to tune it out automatically.

Again i think you should get checked out otherwise you'll drive yourself nuts for no reason.

Yea i have that similar sound i could hear/feel it i wonder sometimes what it is it worrys me too since i have health anxiety

Speak with your parents about seeing a otolaryngologist. It's a possibility that it can go away. I can understand how stressful it can be but don't worry about it. I know it's easy for me to say because I'm so used to mine and have learned to zone it out. Give it a few more days. If it's still there go see a specialist. This is just personal advice I'm not a doctor. If you're really concerned tell your parents to take you right away.

Listening to music really loud can cause ringing in your ears. But without a proper diagnosis one won't know if it's tinnitus or not.

I understand how stressful it can be for someone to have to deal with a non-stop ringing in their ears. Give it time. Allow time for the medicine to work. If the ringing is still there then follow up with your doctor and they may write a referral to see a otolaryngologist.

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