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I want my life back

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I am 74 years old and had not had a prescription in recent memory about two years ago. Then I started having a strange pulsing feeling, and went to doctor. Turns out to be intestinal, but didn't find out until much later. What various doctors did to me, and told me to take has caused me many problems. I was given adivan with no explanation and it took me almost a year to wean myself off. Lots more problems, including neuropathy from bad blood pressure med that I didn't even need. In the last few months, my anxiety has returned and I am going back to my psychiatrist to ask for something to take. I don't want to, but my mental angst is dominating my life. I want myself back. I have tried many things, see a psychologist also; do CBD oil and other things. What should I take? Or do?

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Hi sorry you’re going through a rough time right now. I had a pulsating feeling at the back of my head throbbing and my doctor said is Migraines and I take Xanax thinking about stopping them

I would take the benzo if that's what it is. You are 74..I am 64 so I understand your POV I think. Do whatever you need to do to enjoy your life and get it back. So don't fight taking meds that you need, watch what they give you as we get older meds can act differently. The mental anguish should not dominate your life..these are the golden years , we should be enjoying them.

im 73 fn about a week,and I don't want to experience a year like last yr was trying to make 2mg diazepam last,as this new gp was weaning me off 5mg ,then the 2mg stopped after a referral,which amounted to nothing and gp consented to giving me twice so far 2mg 28 imonths supply without going into talk,im sick of the whole system-----yes,one should be able to enjoy the latter half of your life instead of dreading life and these feelings of isolation,,,,,story of my life ,which I so much want to change.

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