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Haven’t needed to be here in a while


I was once on this forum all the time maybe 4-5 years ago and it got me through some tough times.

Well in that 4-5 years since I’ve been here last I’ve gotteb married and then currently watching my marriage break down and my partner no longer what’s to be together and has told me they want a divorce.

My anxiety is through the roof, heart pounding, panic setting in.

My head is all over the place and don’t know here to turn. I have a few friends that are trying to be there for me but I know they are busy.

I just need help or something I dunno what. Sitting here crying for hours and just want the pain to go away.

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I’m so sorry you’re having to go through this right now. I’m glad you found your way back to the site and I hope it helps you get through these bad times.

Honey, I recently divorced. I know how tough it is. Now, I look at it like this. No matter how many yrs. you have been with this person. I was married the first time for 18 yrs. I divorced in 2000. That man who is the father of my first two kids was sexually abusive to me. I walked away and no regrets. I was with this last man 17 yrs. and married to him fifteen of them yrs. He was too abusive. I do not know your situation but life is short. If he does not want to be married why stew about it. There are more fish in the sea. Maybe even better too. Divorce is painful and is like a death. You will get through this phase in your life. Be strong. I am 56 and had been through hell. I am the happiest ever now and no regrets of my 2 divorces.

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