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Constantly worrying and searching for something wrong!

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So 10 years ago my mum died after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer which had spread to the breast and other places. Since then I’ve been up and down with worry about me getting it. I’ve had a few checks here and there and all been fine. But I constantly search and poke and prod till I find something I think feels wrong!! But it’s like every week it’s a new thing and it drives me crazy! Panic and tears etc. Anyone else? X

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So sorry to hear about your Mom. I have been in your same shoes also. Don’t google your symptoms too much it will make your panic and anxiety worse. Schedule you a preventive care check up have your doctor test you and also educate you on early signs to watch out for. Best wishes!

The good thing is that since you’re aware of the family history you can be diligent and proactive in getting checked regularly. But you should talk to your doctor and define what regular checkups should mean for you and do up a schedule based on what’s realistic not what anxiety is telling you. If your doctor thinks once every 6 mts is reasonable for your checkups then schedule them, put them on your calendar and put it away until that day comes.

And keep in mind a lot has changed in 10 yrs with regards to ovarian and breast cancer. Detection is easier and more accurate now, treatments are more effective, and complete remission and cures are possible whereas tea ago ovarian or breast cancer was a death sentence.

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Yes I know your both right. And in my head when I’m calm it’s ok but when I’m feelin worried I’ll literally wake up checking nothing has appeared overnight. Every pain every niggle gets heightened. In the last week I’ve had several different types and had me dead in a year!!. Your right in saying that within 10 years things have changed it is a long time when you think about it. In the end with my mum they were unsure which was the primary/secondary and my mums partner at the time was adamant she’d been misdiagnosed and the wrong treatment used initially as it did absolutely nothing from the get go. Which I think it what alwags plays on my mind more!! Xx

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