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Does Anybody Know Where To Draw The Line Between An Actual "Physical" Condition Causing Anxiety or/ "Anxiety" Causing The Condition ?*


I've Found Over The Years That MANY Doctors, Once They Find Out You Live With An Anxiety Disorder, Mentally Put You In A Box. They Tend To Give You A Half Hearted Exam [Other Than Vitals], & Then Send You Home. I've Seen It Over The Years & You Got To Almost Demand Fair Treatment. Over The Years I Have Found That MANY Of My Physical Complaints Were Justified. But Only After Several Visits & Doctors.-

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I know I am always unsure if I shld go to doc about smthng or not. I've been just waiting it out but this time I waited so long that 1st they said respiratory infection then a week later said pluerisy. Or however u spell that. We shld never be put in a mental box but unfortunately, it does happen as you said.

It does happen TriggerPoint but remember we need to be our own advocates

regarding our physical health. We know our body better than anyone else and

if we feel there is a health issue, then we need to reach out to the professional. xx

You have to complain to the practice manager in the first case,if the DR has not listened or has just given you a cursory exam! If that doesn't work then please change your GP ( make sure you have a new one before you leave your current one) too many in the medical profession seem to think mental health is a waste of resources, but a good DR knows if you sit and listen you can find the cause of the anxiety and treat it,by giving treatment in the first place it will save the practice money and time in the long run!

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